Dystopia of the Proletariat

Yep, MaMeki’s back. I’ve been working on Mother Meki 2’s story extensively since it’s sort of the first ‘climax’ of the series and is the basis behind the concept to start with. 

A major part of it is this one city called Medeine, so I decided to have others check out where this idea is going, where I should make some changes, and whatnot. Enjoy!

Note, there are many tangents. You may not like some of them if they prove too distracting.




Medeine is the setting point of Mother Meki 2: Red Europe. Here, the class enemies, the burzhui, the transhumans, the capitalists and authoritarians were placed in ghettos and tenements, with the convicted to be sent to the Medeine Correctional Facility, otherwise known as ‘FEMI.’ It’s located in Emira, but for those who reject the Emiran state, it’s technically a part of extreme west Switzerland. During the era of Red Europe, bourgeois and class enemies (in other words, the rich and privileged) were shipped off to Medeine en masse, and its size boomed from 12,000 in 2100 to over 600,000 in 2102 and nearly 5 million in 2104.


Medeine is heavily monitored by police forces, neuromonitors, and security sectors. It is a true dystopian city-state, but the people are not sad about it: it’s a dystopia in reverse! Instead of a dystopia separated between the ruling class rich and the oppressed poor, Medeine is a Dystopia of the Proletariat, where the ruling class poor keep the repressed ex-rich under intense surveillance. The burzhui, early on, are forced to wear marks that identify them as burzhui that the general population can see with basic AR tech. This would prevent them from “mingling” or escaping.

Imagine typical dystopian cyberpunk stories, but now flip the class roles, where the many are free, privileged, and enjoying high technology and the few are oppressed and persecuted and forced into dehumanization experiments. That’s what EmSwoPa tries its best to do, keeping the masses as free as possible while keeping the class enemies as alienated and repressed as possible.


Though EmSwoPa encourages Proletarianization, secretly they also advocate pogroms against the inmate burzhui. Even though the Blackshirts are labeled a terrorist organization, EmSwoPa always turns the other way when they enter Medeine.
Realizing the irony of the burzhui’s situation, EmSwoPa also went to work to prevent romanticization of the inmates. They kept up campaigns reminding the citizens what the burzhui were responsible for: everything wrong in the world. They were the ones who sold billions of people just to fatten their coffers and waged bloody wars across history for little more than their personal amusement, or for a bit of land, and allowed hundreds of millions of the poor to die. They left hundreds of millions more to die from disease while making sure they always had the best protection, and left billions to starve to death— 2 billion deaths from starvation between 2000 and 2100, and it all could’ve been prevented if it wasn’t for them. Responsible for thought culture, culture control, and victim blaming; they said “you don’t deserve anything but punishment because you’re nothing more than lazy good for nothing slobs.” Just a few years ago, they’d have gladly herded you off to Medeine, and they’ve segregated themselves from us since the dawn of civilization.

They profited off of our deaths! We were always the first ones to die, and they were always the first ones to feast! We weren’t people to them. We were slaves, rats, roaches! When we gawked at their glittering mansions and palaces, aspiring to live their lives, we fooled ourselves into the delusion that they would help bring us up to their level.

And I say to you, perhaps they did throw out a few more cents over the centuries and the poor masses could scrape together enough so that they could feel rich at times. And through all those times, they laughed at us, mocking us for clinging on so desperately to our love for them, our respect for them. It makes me sick to think that so many people once gave their hearts out to these beasts. That celebrities, businessmen, so-called “leaders,” princes, princesses, these bastards, parasites, and traitors of mankind were the role models for children and our objects of affection.

And now we know the truth: they were all doing nothing but planning your death, your death, my death. They didn’t care about us. All they saw on our heads were dollar signs! For every peasant head that dies, that’s another million in the bank.  Every time a poor man’s life ended because he could no longer take his fate and had accepted the truth that the world did not want him, they laughed as if though it was a comedy. They saw your situation and thought it would make a great comedy movie.


Hmm. And since we’re the ones in control, I wonder what us loving and loyal peasants have in store for you, O’ Walking Gods. 


They’re the rich; the smart people. The successful people. If they’re so great, let’s see them build themselves out of Medeine. Oh, and because of the survival of the fittest and the importance of the individual, they cannot be helped. They have to do it by themselves, and they have to do it under a social order favoring their old slaves and servants. 
Well hey, come on! Some of us poorfolk managed to become rich in societies greatly favoring the masters and rulers! Surely they can do it! What, you don’t believe me? Well it shouldn’t be hard!


Never forget: if we had not succeeded, they’d slaughter you for doing so much as speaking up and threatening their pocket books, let alone actually acting upon it.
If history had never shone upon the proletariat, we’d all be rotting under a cyberpunk dystopia. You’ve seen them: the wealthy transhuman elite, the Beautiful Few, enjoy a halcyon while the Ugly Many, just throw them into the slums and pit of society.

No longer! Today, the Ugly Many rule and the Beautiful Few rot in the slums and the pits of society!


These kinds of speeches keep the proles angry and ready to enforce class segregations and keep Medeine running. EmSwoPa keeps the trend going by feinting— and eventually genuinely taking on— the appearance of a libertarian socialist movement rather than an authoritarian government. They allow full anarchist communes to grow and for democracy to flourish and even allow the first Ælcorus on European soil to start. The 700 trillion Meki gave out to the poorest of the world has yet to reach the people since it went through the Artisis to create goods and services and technology to create goods and services, but the first inklings of the ‘People’s Bailout’ begins trickling in very soon.
Meanwhile, the formerly wealthy and powerful of the world wither away inside Medeine’s fortress walls…


Martial law is always active in Medeine, and the prefects can do anything they see fit. Because there are hefty laws against the burzhui, plus Amendment 23, there’s little the burzhui can actually do to defend themselves.

Inside Medeine, you had everyone from the old glitter class: not just bankers, transhumans and nubility, but also reactionary celebrities, business owners, clergy, politicians, heirs, and even a hapless lotto winner.

The politicians are the ones who are most recognized, and they are the ones who fill up the Sabor Ghetto. They are the most hated and the ones even the most forgiving lameradicals are hesitant to defend. The bankers are a veeeery close second.

Largely, reactionaries and fascists are not included. Medeine is almost totally bourgeoisie (or keep it short and label-tastic, the burzhui). Also, they’re not going to keep a potential army of 2 million around to be radicalized by Nazis. They might even pose a threat.


Nanites and drones kept watch 24/7, and LoveNet style nlams connect the burzhui. As Meki obviously experiences, prefects can issue bludgeons anytime they please for any reason. Burzhui can be imprisoned for even trivial offenses against the People’s government. The headmaster of Medeine is none other than VelDaire.Has, the leader of the AI supremacist movement, the Vult Cavtex, the one who was biffled by the rich ruling class in 2098. The governor general of Medeine is


From Medeine, Meki gets the idea for the novel The Dragon’s Cage.  In the novel (written by Hansen of course), a revolution throws a rich banker and his family into a cyberpunk city where the once tyrannical rich class becomes the underclass while the once poor class of workers, plebians, and the homeless become the privileged. Because the smart people side with the poor, the rich are without their experts and when they try to revolt to re-establish their dominance, there’s a split between the ex-rich who decide to fight for full equality with the ruling poor and the ex-rich who decide to fight for returning to power over the poor. The ones pro-poor are betrayed, and this winds up getting all of the ex-rich killed in a counter-raid. The remnants of the banker’s family are last seen heading east, where they assume a new identity and grow up in a Buddhist monastery.

Erik notes the similarities to Meki’s stories. Of course, write what you know!




Meki was sent to Medeine on October 12th, 2099, at least what would become Medeine.

Fabiere Medeine established the location and wanted to use droid labor to construct a holding penal colony for the fallen elites. However, the plebs offered to do the job alongside them, and the output was phenomenal.

In only 2 months, farmland was turned into a small city. The people worked overtime, willingly, in the winter cold, just so they could earn the satisfaction of locking away the tyrannical elite. Starting in 2102, the incoming burzhui themselves had to build up Medeine, where it became largely a shanty town. Hong Kong-esque microcosms of desperate poverty and slums built with whatever they were allowed to use and could find.

They could’ve been sent to other places and were, but the rebels were intent on keeping them in one place, particularly smackdab in the middle of revolutionary Europe.

They could’ve been sent to North Africa, where several prisons were waiting for them. They could’ve been sent to Scandinavia or the US.  But Europe was the only place where revolution was guaranteed and victorious. By February 2100, even England had fallen. All of Europe was now under the red flag of the people, and there was a surprising amount of support by the people to “jail them in poverty” rather than behind cell walls. So Medeine was the answer to this.


The socialists planned to push South and East. Asia would not be an easy battle, so they enlisted droids and burzhui to fight in a war against reactionary powers such as China and Korea, where the right is strong.


And by enlisted the burhzui, I mean ‘drafted’ the burzhui.


Men and women over the age of 16, all belonging to suspect/ruling classes, were obligated to join the armed forces to fight for socialism in Europe. This included 17 year old Meki, whom was only able to get out of the draft by entering a Proletarianization Programme only a few days before it was declared. She was amongst only 11,000 in Europe who took it up at the first opportunity, out of an estimated 14,000,000, many of whom were told they could enter the Programme at later dates, and were told that the Programme would require intense physical labor and total servitude to the poor.  They could opt out of it for a stay in Medeine.

Little did they know that this would cost them.

On February 19th, the draft to start the war against the imperialists in the East had begun, and all considered burzhui, under the above clarifications, were automatically drafted.

The draft sergeants came straight to Medeine and herded them off to boot camps to prepare their battles.

They’d train in VR for about 2 weeks and have other battle knowledge placed in their heads on the way to Asia. This was purposeful; the Death Penalty was not instituted in Europe, even for ‘class enemies,’ and has been considered inhumane for over a hundred years (today, in Europe, how often do you hear about executions?)

What’s the next best way to weed out their enemies? Ship them off to a war, completely unprepared for battle. Many were not suited to labor, let alone vicious war.

But it wasn’t just them; droids also went with them, particularly to make sure there were no defections.

200,000 were sent to Korea in 2100, beset with 80,000 battleforms. First year casualties hit 130,000.  Only 4 battleforms were destroyed.


The Sabor Ghetto was the most infamous ghetto of them all. It was where the people were most concentrated and where the most sociopathic bankers and politicians were crowded. It was where reactionaries met most often and the most reactionary ideas were bred. Placed barely above starvation rations and with their young constantly being shipped off to war, animosity towards their new rulers grew instantly. But they were in no position to defend themselves.

Rumors spread that it was Meki who sold them out.


Meki was never in Sabor Ghetto, where even Nazism was accepted as an ideology. The Sabor Revolt was planned throughout the latter parts of 2100, under intense surveillance.


Under the new constitution of the people, they had no rights. Amendment 23 was the de jure amendment that denied them, enemies of the proletariat, the bourgeoisie and bourgeois-minded reactionaries, the transhuman class, any place in the new socialist world order Europe was now under.


Meki was around people who were sure that history would look back at the revolution of 2099 as the moment where the radicals just so happened to get lucky and, in 2102, they’ll all be restored to their rightful places and, while handing the terrorists their asses and the asses of their children, they’ll laugh at how they thought that they may have actually been defeated. These will be remembered as desperate, but hopeful times. Their luck is sure to turn! Things are about to change, and one of history’s greatest comebacks is about to be stage! We’ll read in for centuries, the Uprising of 2099 squashed by the heroes of 2101!  God is on their side, and He won’t fail them.

Meki thinks, “Uh… I… don’t think God is happy with us earthfuckers to start with.”


And Meki was right. The Sabor Revolt began on Christmas Eve, 2100, when another round of draftees were about to be shipped off. It was never promising, despite over 20,000 burzhui chipping in to help.

Quite honestly, they expected that the Marxist government would tremble at their uprising and that they’d soon overrun Sophir and Eidenburg, then begin taking back Europe one nation at a time. Who knows! Maybe the people are so miserable under the backwards ideas of socialism that they’ll help out!


No such luck. In fact, when the masses heard that the capitalists/transhumans/bourgeois were actually daft enough to want to be put back in their positions, they didn’t even wait for the government to send out police forces. A makeshift minutemen militia of over 2,000,000 people met the 20,000 burzhui and beat them to a pulp. They then overran Medeine and killed nearly 1,400 more. The socialists had to actually protect the bourgeoisie from utter annihilation.


So yeah, that happened. Meki was in Medeine at the time, and saw firsthand the size and fury of the people. It was unprecedented that this would happen. I guess this proves it. It’s not up to them. It’s not the commies’ fault either. It was the people as a whole.

They don’t want us anything but dead. They don’t want us anywhere else but in our graves.


In response to the Sabor Uprising, EmSwoPa issued extremely brutal rulings that cut rations by ridiculous amounts, increased police surveillance by nearly 500%, increased taxation to 1000% meaning that the people in Medeine were now basically slaves in debt, their homes could be repossessed at random, and, most importantly, you had the Blackshirts rising. They were ex-viyetists who thought that the ex-rich and ex-powerful got off too goddamn motherfuckin’ easy. Why weren’t all those burzhui bastards bleeding in mass graves right now? Why is the center-inch left EmSwoPa being a pussyfoot pack of pansy pink liberals? What’s this bullshit about “non-violent expropriation” and “proletarianization?”

To the Blackshirts, everyone who should be a proletarian already is; there is no joining us. You’re either one of us, or fuck you in the ass and die. Once you betray us, fuck you in the ass and die. If you were once burzhui but fell on hard times and had to become a prole and lived that way most of your life, fuck you in the ass and die. If you started a prole, became burzhui, and became a prole again, fuck you in the ass and die.

The title “burzhui” only earns you death. We don’t need you. We don’t want you. Fuck you. In the ass. And die. You’re ugly sons of bitches who are a blight upon this world who are better served bleeding in the mud with worms. And guess what- we’re the ones with the guns, so when we come, we’re going to fuck you in the ass, and you’re going to die.

Got it?


Medeine is no longer going to be a prison town, it’s going to be a field of tombs!


That’s the feelings of the Blackshirts. How dare the burzhui think they could actually make it back to power or coexist with the victorious working class in peace! Ohh-hoh-hoh-hell no!  By abolition of classes, we mean that the proles wipe out the rich, and there you go, no more class divisions.

And the Blackshirts were pissed at EmSwoPa. First, EmSwoPa defended the rich motherfuckers who bled this planet dry, charged the masses for it, and had the masses sell themselves to pay for it. And by May 2101, they had been revealed to have been dealing with the Artisis to institute a technostic initiative which would essential turn Emira in to a post-socialist, pre-technostic playground. Arlodafurs would rise, and the working class would become the networking class once again, but this time, the networking class would be in charge. The new working class, the automen, they will do our drudgery. You see, it’s as they said: socialism is OH-, and technosticism is H2O.


Bull. 20 spaces. Shit. They’re trying to deny the working class their pride; they’re no better than the burzhui! The damned Artisis, the AI burzhui, they’re going to hijack our revolution!

There must be transhumans trying to subvert Marxism. Jew backed transhumans. There’s a goddamn problem here: they should squash the Jewish transhuman threat!


And between June 2101 and August 2102, the Blackshirts balloon in size from a few thousand followers to several tens of thousands. Meki slips to a Blackshirt rally to hear the ultra-radical rhetoric of these new revolutionaries.  She’s lucky, because the topic of the day is herself: it turns out that the Blackshirt instigators are talking about how the Seville family is somehow not incarcerated, and only a copy of Ludovic’s consciousness received any punishment: it was turned off like a lamp.  Yeah. Because thousands of years of oppression = turn them off like a lamp.

Mackenzie Seville is in Medeine right now! How come no one is going in there, dragging that bitch out, and hacking her to pieces? She, all her Aryan friends, all her Jew friends? The crowd is made rowdy by the speeches, and a riot ensues, and they’re beaten back by government forces.


Medeine, meanwhile, holds the fallen elites who slowly but surely come to accept their fate. They were completely owned. History didn’t unfold quite as they wanted, quite as anyone wanted it.

There was no Revelations; God never came, even when we messed heavily with His creation and virtually created an anti-christ.

Marx’s revolution happened, but only well, well after all the conditions he claimed would occur had run their course and a whole new set of conditions arose.

Capitalism didn’t last forever. Capitalists themselves made sure of that when they chose mechanical over biological, and would’ve made sure anyway if they chose biological over mechanical.

Humanity didn’t transcend, even when we became transhuman and enjoyed the Singularity. We just dug ourselves deeper into our own shit.

They aren’t the Heroes of 2101. If anything, they’re the Losers of History.


Medeine becomes a place beset by depression and suicides. Meki saw children fling themselves from rooftops to avoid the draft, saw old men hang themselves in deep shame as they accepted their place in history or what they’ve lost. Saw old women lose their natures, vanities, prejudices as they lived worse than the people they once spat on. Teenagers such as themselves freak out at losing all the privileges they once enjoyed, all the gadgets they once enjoyed, lose all the good things they once had. Vain tweens once beset by great arrogance having to put up with having their former servants talk smack to them to their faces, and possibly be beaten to blood if they dared spoke back.


The finger was pointed many places. Some pointed it at the Jews. The damn Jews ruined them, subverted them! Jews really are lizards; they’re capitalists and communists all the same. They never should’ve trusted them to begin with. Why, God, why didn’t Hitler finish those motherfuckers off?! Why did we think that the Holocaust was a horrible thing?! We should’ve finished it when we had the chance!

The vain blamed the humble. The notions of equality attract the poor and the youth; the nature of the world is not suitable for equality, but there were indeed a lot of poor and a lot of youth. At some point, the smart people of the world couldn’t rationalize this fact to the masses, that some things may not be fair, but any other way would end in ruin. And because the poor and the youth orbited in too great numbers to backwards Marxism, they’ve cost themselves a good future and decided to use their infinite envy of the successful and their control to unleash what will inevitably turn into a Stalin-esque purge.

Meki’s completely unsure of that one. The path they were being led down before the revolution was definitely destined to end in ruin. No doubt. At least this way, if humanity crashes and burns and we lose 1000 years of advancement, it was because of the People and not a power mad transhuman oligarchy.

The broken blamed themselves. Isn’t it obvious? We’re the ones who danced on the back of the broken, who dined on gold pheasants while billions starved and drank infested water just to survive. We’re the ones who waged wars like parties and did everything in our power to make sure that the divisions between us and them were solid set. Any hatred that exists in their hearts, we put it there. It’s all our fault, and we’re not going to cast it on anyone else: our success as capitalists came at our failure as human beings. Though what’s happening to us is brutal, it’s nothing compared to what we’ve done to them for hundreds, thousands of years. We’ve only experienced it for a few months; many of them have lived dozens of generations this way.   Whatever the people decide to do with us, we deserve it.

The young blamed the old. Many of the young were being indoctrinated, or were old enough to know there were problems but too young to do anything; it was their parents, grandparents, ancestors’ faults! Whatever hatred was in the common man, they put that flame there. They were the ones who repressed them, and now they, their children, are paying for it in blood and tears. They knew what they were doing was wrong. Why didn’t they stop? Why did they take it so far? Now that it’s all crashed down, there will be no reparation for them. No forgiveness for them. For the sins of their mothers and fathers, the sons and daughters will suffer!


The cynical old realized that it wouldn’t end well for them. Wherever socialism sprang up, so would barbarism and savagery. Why? Morality doesn’t exist, even amongst the faithful because morality is a bourgeois concept, and everything bourgeois must die. No matter what EmSwoPa said. Whenever a small group tried to answer for the masses over whom they had little control, it never ends well.

The right has no power anymore. This isn’t the age of the right. The right had their chance to make things… well, right. They failed. Now they are paying for it.

The right just couldn’t support transhumanism is the problem, and that’s where they failed.

So the rich have no means of defense. Whether by class or technological nature. They say that this is the beginning of the Luddite Generation.



The Blackshirts began trolling Medeine, with gangs gaining entrance to the town and going around, issuing blows to the inmates while threatening to have them arrested should they defend or retaliate.

It’s Amendment 23 and its unstated clauses; the proles can have the burzhui arrested just by verboten indictment, and they have special defense. The burzhui don’t have the same protections by any stretch. Even if attacked, they themselves cannot strike back at risk of imprisonment. Of course, anything’s better than staying in Medeine, right?

So sometimes, they do retaliate.


And the Blackshirts vow not to forget all who strike them.


The Blackshirts and the police would pa-troll Medeine and other communities filled with enemies of the people and have free reign to do whatever they damn well pleased.

Meki, of course, in 2101 faced them head on and met Michael Faytado, the smitten black nationalist who fell for her and her masochistic tendencies.


Meki worked a job as a waitress and a millgirl from 2100 to 2101; following the Sabor Uprising, she was fired and placed on rations. This meant she was liable to be drafted into entering the hellhole war in Asia. But she’d want that- whatever kills her sooner.

In February 2101, a patrol comes around asking for all burzhui who are currently unemployed. She is put on active duty on the war effort but as a worker making red felt hats and flags.

In October, a prefect is killed. It’s known that it’s one of the burzhui. In November, three proles are slaughtered. Again, it’s someone from Medeine.

The Blackshirts, in January 2102, say “How Long Will We Stand For This?” They’ve killed us for thousands of years, and in our hour of victory, they still own enough audacity, hatred, sadism to kill our brothers and sisters just to spite us. Why aren’t we doing the same to them?
Ask yourselves! They’ve demanded from you your life! And when they were done, they’d toss you away in the wind. They didn’t care who. They didn’t care how innocent or guilty. They didn’t care what your color of skin or creed.

They controlled you and were proud of it! They’d sooner want to ship us to death camps than live alongside us in peace. If we granted them power again today, all they would seek is not feeble “understanding” or “peace” but vengeance. So I ask you, why not us!

Why should we care who is guilty and who is innocent when, for so long, they didn’t care for us?

Wake up! Our divisions were enforced by bloodshed only because of them and their greed and lust for power and wrath against those who were not like them!

Wake up! You’re only a person to them when you’re like them, when you forsake your humanity and accept darkness into your heart and become willing to do what-ev-er it takes to become a tyrant. For those that have gone before us, they have known only success and prosperity in their actions. They convinced themselves that this was the natural way.

Now their “natural way” has collapsed and the truth is free. Now we see them for how they truly are, and still they fight.

There can be no repentance, for whomever emerges victorious will wipe the other side away from history.

There will never be peace between us and them and they know it. So, tonight, there will only be war. War until we’ve annihilated them. I say unto you, if you are not with us, the billions of people who stand for freedom, then you are with them, the losers of history, the fallen, the damned!

For millennia, you bloodsuckers have owned the microphone. Now it’s ours, and so we say:

We are the war you will never win! 

We are the People of the Human Race! And you are the scum of history!


This took place right outside Medeine, to a massive crowd. The Blackshirts’ numbers boomed. There was a riot, and the people attempted to smash Medeine.

The next day, Meki emerged to head to work only to see even more hanging bodies. Quite frankly, people are breaking.


But still, proletarianization goes on and they are not being shipped off to die anywhere else but to war, and the war is winding down. Despite the massive damage Medeine took, and the nearly 3000 killed in the pogrom, the burzhui get no restitution and are instead forced to rebuild and expand Medeine for several more waves of inmates coming in.


2103 comes about, but little else changes. No new revolts planned, Blackshirts coming every day to beat them up and kill freely, police breathing down their neck, conspiring to get them arrested, muscle tearing hard work 24/7, murders, suicides, rapes, cyberpunk esque dreck. By this point, they’ve been broken. Their wealth is gone, and their dignity, sullied. And they have to live with the shame that they are guilty of these ‘class crimes’ that they’ve been charged with. Over 100,000 individuals in Medeine were prosecuted in a month’s time for crimes against humanity, against nature, conspiring to commit genocide through wars and famines, etc. And those convicted (everyone; the trials were mostly for public humiliation) are denied life extension and cybernetics, and then sent to prisons.


No doubt things are different, but aren’t different all the same. Some people have joined Meki in the proletarianization programmes, realizing that they might as well accept their history and do something about it. Meki’s a third year, so she knows all the tips and tricks to get through.

Her relationship with Michael Faytado has progressed rapidly. He wants sexual relations.  Meki’s sure he’s going to break some sort of revolutionary law or something.


In 2103, a harsher curfew is set so she can’t actually leave for any lovetime anyway.

Faytado tells her about the Blackshirts and their history and what they plan. All this rousing their doing is to gain power. Total power. They’re led by Narello Delarosa, a hateful little man that no one actually likes, but nevertheless is a good enough public speaker.

Delarosa does not like the Artisis or Jews. In fact, there’s already been shitloads of violence against Jews in the north. Like they haven’t had a hard enough time fending off against the Right, now they’re being attacked by the Left.

Meki wonders why does the world hate the Jews so much.  It’s like whenever things go wrong, they’re the first people to get blamed, no matter what.

Gotteskrieg is the anti-Blackshirts almost and have done nothing but persecute Jews and the Transhuman menace. The Blackshirts are Luddite Ultra-communists, and Gotteskrieg are the anarcho-primitivist white nationalists. Neither like the upper class at all. They’re just cut from different cloths.

Meki knows there are one or two inside Medeine who are members of Gotteskrieg, but she’s not sure who they are exactly.

Faytado asks if Meki would like to help them, the Blackshirts, find out who. There have been street fights between the Blackshirts and Gotteskrieg for months.

Meki says okay.


Meki goes deep into Medeine to listen in on her classmates to find out who is a part of Gotteskrieg. She hears many Christians, some primitivists, some reactionaries, but no one in Gotteskrieg in particular. She doesn’t have much wiggle room to begin with. When she’s not sleeping, she’s working.

It happens one June night that she stumbles upon a Gotteskrieg cell of 4 men. She asks to join then, but is kicked out, told that they know she sold them out. Meki claims she wants to make up for it, that she realizes what she had done was wrong.

They only see it as an opportunity to kill her.  They let her in, and immediately become vague with their plans, saying they’re speaking in code, intentionally misleading her.

Meki is told that, tomorrow, they’re going to meet at a section of the forest outside town. They’re bringing shovels and other work equipment as to not draw suspicion.


So the next day comes, and they drive out to the countryside. They pass a mob of angry women, Meki waves to them and only gets the middle finger as a response.

Angry folk, aren’t they?



So the car stops, and she’s pulled out by Tyr and Sebastian. They’re prefects who have harassed Meki constantly. The six men drag Meki out and beat her and rape her. She asks, even her brothers? Why?


Because she’s a bitch, a mother! She’s mother Meki!

Tyr and Sebastian underwent forced proletarianization 2 years prior, and they want revenge for what they had to endure. They had a good life, arrogant and proud, rich and happy. Baby sister Meki took it away from them for empty socialist sentimentality.

Now they want revenge! What’s so hard to comprehend about that?


They continue beating her, one hundred times. When they think she’s had enough, they storm off. She tries to crawl away. A trab nearby sees her and gets help.  When he sees that she’s the former Empress of Emira, he plots his own revenge. He locks her in his basement and calls the police, claiming that she attempted to kill him and take his money. He managed to beat her back.

Tyr and Sebastian are the prefects who answer the call.

Before they get there, the trab takes a blowtorch and demands answers out of the monarch.  Meki can already tell this isn’t ending well for her. Then again, she doesn’t want it to end well for her. She agrees to answer whatever he asks to the best of her abilities. Just be noted: she knows absolutely nothing about N.W.O. plots to control the planet, aliens or the supernatural, or many aspects of the wars in South America and Africa. She only made it to 17, and you’re supposed to be over 25 before they-


He wants to know if she’s miserable like he’s been for most his life. He’s lost most of what he’s loved from an early age, all for her father, his cronies, and her bullshit system. And he wants to know if now she’s miserable.

He’s spend his whole life giving praise to them, and it’s only in the past five years that he’s seen the truth. He indoctrinated his daughters into thinking princesses were some sort of holy creatures on Earth. He thought he was doing something right.

As he stares into her blackened eyes, he remembers that day he realized how terrible it all really is.



The prefects arrive. They take over the situation. They pretend like what happened earlier didn’t happen  and praise the man for being a vigilante.

Meki’s carted off to jail.

Outside, a droid shoots her in the stomach. She’s still dragged off, like nothing’s wrong, and released with no medical attention. Her wound becomes infected and she enters 2104 in excruciating pain, starving, and overworked.


2104 is when the shit hits the fan. The Blackshirts are at the peak of their pre-coup power and everyone knows it. When EmSwoPa signs the Technostic Initiative, the Blackshirts raise hell amongst their followers and fence sitters and even the angry Luddite Left who aren’t a part of them that EmSwoPa as betrayed the revolution. See? They work with the droids and computers whom desire only total control!


The Blackshirts then stage a coup, entering Eidenburg and executing most members of EmSwoPa.

The Blackshirts announce that Emira is theirs!


Immediately, they get to changing the Proletarianization Programme into a massive ongoing pogrom. The war in the East has ended in a rousing victory in Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and China.  Droids return heroes while the burzhui are jeered right back into Medeine.

By the way, Medeine is about to become a mass grave.



On May 1st, the Pogrom begins. 5,000 in Medeine is cleared and all considered Enemies of the People are sentenced to execution. In Virgin Square courtyard, Eidenburg, Meki is brought out of prison to help clean up after the first round of Red Terror.

The Red Terror began with Amendment 23, but this is the second wave and is sure to be the most brutal.

She was initially supposed to die, but a bout of extreme dysentery and a slightly sympathetic police captain spared her and another. She watches over 100 get gunned down.

The next day, she’s forced to wipe up court grounds after another 20,000 are killed. This is the lighter side of it. Near Maginot, they’ve already gotten up to 500,000.

Other states and governments condemn Emira, claiming that this is something of a mix of the French and Russian Revolutions, and that what’s going on now is the New Reign of Terror.


This is it. Their apocalypse. It’s finally happening. Two of the bodies she finds are her brothers’, Sebastian and Tyr. Regardless of their jobs, they’re still burzhui.


It is sad.

Medeine is cleared out of burzhui, and instead other enemies fill it up. Meki survives until 2106, when she’s sent north to Siberia where a Blackshirt-esque revolution has occurred. She leaves Michael Faytado behind, telling him that they’ll never see each other again. If there is a Heaven, she’s going to Hell.

So this is it. Goodbye, forever. Farewell!


Medeine stands there for years after, remade as homes for the general population. In 2108, following the assassination of Delarosa and the second in command, the Blackshirts disintegrate and are run out and EmSwoPa returns to power, immediately issuing a Technostic Initiative. The people realize the horrors they’ve committed, with over 27 million killed across Europe by 2112 and another 3 million dead in Asia, almost none of the 3 million being ‘class enemies’ but simply the poor who resisted.


It’s a holocaust greater than the Holocaust, and in the 22nd century! It’s a great shame. The Artisis are… displeased. It proves that humankind is still more than capable of brutal violence against his fellow man. Post-Singularity, Transhuman age, ultra enlightened, liberal democracy, social technostic, post-capitalist, post-socialist, what have you… We’re living in modern times, in an age supposedly free from repression and an age of such high ethics and standards, an age filled with artificial intelligence and space exploration…

And we’ve allowed the orchestration of the mass murder of 30 million people. This isn’t the 1930s, the 1940s… The more we change, the more we stay the same.

Not to say that all who were killed were innocent; indeed, another 1 billion people perished under the old elite, so the socialists indeed were greatly dwarfed by the capitalists… but that doesn’t remove the stain of shame upon them. After all, the “rich” were only one part of the purge. In 2107, one of the reasons why the Blackshirts’ grip on power slipped was because they decided to “expand” the definition of the Enemy of the People and the masses realized what was going on.

In 2109, there is a total and sweeping economic collapse, and for a solid year, it seems mankind had become medieval once again before the Artisis had to bail out humanity with the 700 trillion USD Meki had given them.


Meki returns to Emira in January 2113, broken and scarred by loopkill in Siberia’s gulag, UDRK, and unaware of any of the things that had occurred in the previous seven years (when she does discover what’s happened, she’s put in a difficult position of deciding if she screwed up or if she did the right thing in allowing the revolution to succeed) In February, she crashes at the ruins of Medeine, where she kills herself once but leaves afterwards, finding herself homeless.

She decides to work with Alusru Rasa in a drug ring, but is quickly ousted and jailed multiple times.

There’s not much of a plutomantic population in Emira anymore. The survivors are those who are really smart, the ones who knew how to survive, what friends to make.

Meki is homeless and impoverished, and constantly on the bad side of the law.  She would be pleased with most of it, but doesn’t want to be loopkilled again and thus remains quiet and neutral. In 2116, she, of course, is taken in by former anarchist, former lover to Narello, Mydella Miyakuro and the story continues on from there.

As for Medeine, the city is torn down to become an arcology in 2120.


In 2140, 5,000 survivors of Medeine including Meki visit a memorial to the victims located at the base floor of the Medeine arcology.



So that’s Mother Meki 2 in a nutshell, with a lot of the extra stuff like narrative and words and structure removed. State how you feel about this concept in the comments!



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