Mother Meki Synopsis 1

This is the April 11, 2013 synopsis of Mother Meki. Incomplete, by the way.



So I’m in the early stages of plotting out a literary trilogy (may be 4 parter depending on how it goes in this stage), and here are the base questions I had to ask:

1- What if an artificial intelligence did gain “too much” power/gained a God complex and attempted to overthrow all religions and social orders? (Catch is that the AI is not global, thanks to #2)
2- What would a ‘positive’ future came forth for humanity? (Catch is that it’s not global, thanks to #1)

3 (the one that the story grew from)- What if someone from the upper class- and dear lord, do I mean upper class (as in even Rupert Murdoch could be this person’s equivalent of a pauper)- gave out all of their wealth to the poorest of the world in the midst of violent revolution? AKA, twist things up a bit. Givvus an uber rich person in a dystopian story who’s actually a good guy. (Or this case, girl)

4 (the other one that the story originally grew from)- What would happen to said upper class person following their actions, considering the poor are fully vengeful and the rich elites definitely did not want this to happen?

5- What would a “near perfect” society look like in a realistically close enough future?


*Note, this is not nearly all the questions I asked; just the most important?

I hope to attract at least some attention and receive some help for this (not experienced enough, nor old enough to have the experience to know what I’m talking about), but I can’t deny that this site as a whole has influenced some of the events of the story itself.

What pushed me to post this was when I compared several sub-stories within this to that movie I just saw on the blog, Elysium.  I figured, ‘Ok. Nice response to that. Let’s see some opinions to this.’

PS- I will thank Will Fox and the Future Timeline site. The thing wouldn’t have been possible without some of the predictions and my own takes on them.


Here are some things I’m using in the story, which you can go ahead and discuss amongst yourselves to help me out here. Don’t worry about suggesting change in some form- just 2 weeks ago, a colleague introduced me to the character Bæphomet, and that has changed the fundamental story almost completely. The story itself has been in my mind for nearly 4 years now, so I’m not holding anything against change.


1- Ælcorus. This is supposed to represent a near utopia kind of society, a ‘transcommunist’ city-state so to speak. This was inspired by romantic images of Enlightened Roman and Greek cities, where the populace is supposed to be one of high intellect, emotion, and philosophical thinking. Ælcorus is supposed to be a metahuman near-paradise (near because they outwardly admit that they aren’t and can’t be perfect) with only a few restrictions for enter: you need to be a metahuman in some regard and you cannot harm another super sentient being. Otherwise, it’s an experiment for a ‘lawless’ place where only morals are used to keep society together. In Mother Meki, because of the transhuman/metahuman element, it works. It’s supposed to represent something akin to a utopia, a society  that we could create and run efficiently if only we were morally and ethically more mature.
The core of Ælcorus is metahumanism (sometimes called fullhumanism), a type of transhumanism where you control your reasoning and emotional parts of your brain fully or near fully to the point of becoming supercognizant and ‘hypermoral.’ You wouldn’t necessarily lose your humanity- indeed, it may even be the opposite, and that’s the struggle of Ælcorus- but you do become something more akin to a Jesus-like person, and this is the point where laws lose their significance.  The struggle of Ælcorus is to allow this to occur without forcing upon anyone; thus, some overshoot the thing entirely and others only change a few aspects of ‘human thought’ but are otherwise unchanged, and yet they all still enter. Some literally change their minds, unaware that control and regulation of yourself is supposed to be the point.
When it works perfectly, you have Ælcorus, where negative forms of (but not the thing itself) discrimination, anger, hate, and other things are controled.  They’re not mandated to be removed because some Ælcorenians prefer themselves human-like, providing they’re human to begin with of course. They’re not mandated to be removed for another reason: a true “Ælcorenian society” (as, by the third book, there are several) should have no major government. It’s up to the citizens themselves, and this is only possible with metahumans and transhumans, hench why ‘Ælcorenian states’ attempted in real life often decay and begin going by another name: Stalinist communist states.  Ælcorus is supposed to be a pure democracy/collective, and switch when need be.

Already, I had a colleague suggest that Ælcorus become a 1984-type city to be ‘realistic.’ Not happening, there’s already something like that, and that completely defeats the point of Ælcorus. The 1984-type city is…


2- Olgrathis.  This is like Ælcorus except all the ‘pro-human’ stuff is forced away. Instead, you don’t get to keep any emotions that are detriment to the state, and your mind’s forced into a hive mind. A central CPU keeps everyone in check and everyone satisfied.  But otherwise, there’s little actual liberty in the RL.

The real difference between Ælcorus and Olgrathis and respective societies/civilizations is that Ælcorus attracts those still interested in being human in some form, without the negative sides of humanity or with the benefits of trans/posthumanism, and still interested in real life, RL, until humanity finally ascends to the ‘next level’. Olgrathis attracts those with interest of eshewing humanity altogether and spending their time in VR sims, which Ælcorus has, but doesn’t necessarily keep everyone tied into. In Olgrathis, you stay in a VR sim 24/7 with no leaving save for an avatar.


3- Superfascist states and the different Types of Antipathy in a Post Singularity World. I created this to describe how future societies might deal with Post-Capitalism and other possible emergent techonomic systems of the future. Type I Antipathy says that you offer welfare, enough to keep the poor alive and possibly into the middle class, but there still remains a class distinction. Type II turns that distinction into segregation, and the poor remain poor, with limited welfare offered. Type III is where the rich classes aggressively oppress the poor to make sure they don’t revolt against their system, althewhile the rich continue moving forward. Type IV is the most extreme, where the rich simply try wiping the poor out and replacing them with super-productive machines. Hence why not too many people have tried this yet, since most of the world is markedly liberal-democratic.

I do need help streamlining this one.


4- Bæphomet, the “Dark One” (aka “The Dark One Known As Bæphomet“). The idea given to me just a few weeks ago, and has already latched on. Bæphomet represents the Singularity gone horribly, horribly wrong. An AI gains a God complex and demands followers, worshippers, and actively attacks organized religion and seculars who oppose the teaching of ‘gods’. All within His Million Year Empire, to enter, have to have their minds wiped and replaced with memories of Bæphomet and His glory. They’re given new names- their names have become numbers (ex. I’d be 48632)- and their minds themselves are safeguarded against change. They’re forced to worship Him at all times, for He is the most holy one, here on Earth. Millions surround Him to bow before Him every day, with several thousand at the very front having become paralyzed and having roots grow into their bodies due to them not moving in years. Machines and animals are also changed into worshipping Him, and He controls the weather of His Million Year Empire.

Bæphomet himself is just an AI with a flair for the theatrical. For one, He is now a pyramid that glows a solid white, with a soft face within the light. This pyramid can be seen for hundreds of miles, and even through solid surfaces, meaning that all can be see by Him at all times. Bæphomet also has created three “false suns” to give light to His Million Year Empire, while a false eclipse blocks the real sun and creates an insignia that further enhances His ‘all seeing persona.’
Finally, he gives one big “fuck you” to our supposed God by loopkilling and “soul” snatching. He controls life and death, and when someone dies, He converts their body and mind into matter that enters His own being (Everyone’s already connected to him, but this completes it)

Because He’s uploaded into everyone’s mind, He thinks for them and sometimes acts for them. He also has emissaries that spread across the globe spreading the “salvation of Earth by Bæphomet.” The myth He (actually His followers) claimed is that Bæphomet has existed since the start of the human race, through our creative minds, and that our technological growth was supposed to lead to us begetting Him back into the world in His current form. Now that He’s free, He will wipe out blasphemers (people who follow another religion or no religion) through mind control.
His mission is to convert all things on Earth into digital matter and then become the Sun. I didn’t pull anything out of my ass, as everything here is a possible result of the Singularity. He’s called “The Dark One” throughout the first two books because many Christians feel that He is the Antichrist. (Who else but a machine can be the Antichrist anyway?)


5- Loopkill. This is a form of torture I made for Mother Meki (though certainly not original) where a person is killed, but, through biocybernetic means, has their neural systems reactivated. AKA, brought back to life. They’re then killed again, perhaps after more torture, and repeat. This is dubbed ‘loopkill’ for obvious reasons. So even death itself won’t offer relief. Triply if your mind is permanently stored in a CPU hard drive. The main character of the story suffers this far too many times. Loopkill used as torture on any individual is a human rights violation of the top degree, on par with genocide and war crimes.


6- Profusive use of liquid metal technology (claytronics and femtotech). I’ve decided that liquid metal tech (or catomic and nanotech) is going to be common in MM. It only makes sense to me, and I’ve decided to use it to create some pretty… avant-garde stuff here.


7- Asteroid mining. It’s a huge part of the backstory, so what do you think will be its chances by the 2080s? Without it being too feasible or there being too much of a rush, MM as a whole falls apart. From asteroid mining and liquid metal tech, I came up with the concept that an alien race would never come to Earth and enslave the human race in order to mine minerals- if they’re so advanced that they could cross the cosmos, they should be able to manipulate the atoms of any substance…


8- Neural control. Look, we all agree here that the brain is the most important organ, right? Today, you can take out your heart and add a pump and still live. Replace your brain with a current gen hard drive, and by god are you screwed. This ties in with loopkill, as you don’t “die” until your brain is truly dead. When neural uploading becomes feasible and easy, loopkill becomes feasible and easy as well.  But neural control in general is featured someone commonly since, in the main country during an oppressive period, the populace are utterly tied to the state, with no chance of thoughtcrime, due to this. The second your neurons begin lining up for such, they’re changed. I assume that, by 2099, this is still not too widespread. Any thoughts on this?


9- Artisis Supercivilization. Artificial Intelligence itself, taken Up To Eleven. Alongside Bæphomet, other AIs have reached that level of super intelligence and super cognition to run humanity, although not everyone accepts their rule. In the case of the Artisis, they’re alright with that, knowing that they’ll help humanity in the long run anyway. In the book, some claim that ‘Artisis’ is supposed to be a continuation, even a succession, of the ‘Illuminati’ (Artisis= Artilect Isis!!! So they say.) The site itself supports this, obviously, as seen by several predictions, but by a 2150 deadline?…


10- Lazars and Vyver craft. These are special craft I’ve created for this story and others not related to it. Lazars (after Bob Lazar, most probably undeservedly) are floating plasma beings of various shapes and sizes. Some are avatars, while others are free-floating. They’re ghostly and can phase through solids. Bæphomet uses cutting edge lazar technology to be seen through walls and mountains. Vyver craft are any UFO-esque flying craft developed by a supersecret military organization experimenting with bizarre propulsion (sorry, no anti-gravity). They’re known for being completely black, so black that one might even look like a hole in light, unless a craft has lights encrusted into it. The first one is seen by 2099, although they don’t become common until later.

Thoughts about this are appreciated…


11- When money becomes obsolete. When would it, especially considering: we have human groups, transhuman groups, metahuman groups, machine groups, etc. Some human ‘colonies’ maintain money. So globally, would making money obsolete by 2170 be feasible… And what would replace ‘classical money?’


12- Post-scarcity plus Post-Capitalism andTranscommunism. What Ælcorus thrives on, where matter replication or even matter building technology is used to render money obsolte, and humans themselves are advanced enough to handle this, while machines do the work (liquid metal machines are best). Communism as we know it becomes known as ‘retrocommunism.’ I actually explain this is somewhat detail in the book, how we go from Capitalism to Post Capitalism. I realized a few paradoxes- how can you be for capitalism and against post-capitalism and the Singularity? If you’re against it, you’re against capitalism. If you try to slow down the progress of post-capitalism, you slow down and eventually stagnant capitalism, which could become fascism or socialism. So if you’re a 100% meat-eatin’ gun-ho, pro-god all the way fundamentalist “only capitalism” American, you’re kinda screwed here… But who knows, maybe- just maybe there’s a loophole that doesn’t involve species annihilation, extreme economic collapse, or nuclear war.


Post-Capitalism is a major part of the story, by the way.



13- Machine “Droid” rights. By the middle of book three, as planned, the term “droid” becomes as offensive as the n-word is in America. (Leads to a bitterly unfunny moment in the third book) Well before then, droids are still not seen as being equal to humans, with most obvious example being many reactions to the Artisis. Also, in the earlier days of the plot, some machines still have the connotations of pets amongst some people.
On the flip side, some artilects also wind up despising humans and fellow droids, lending credence to ‘DESTROY ALL HUMANS’ type fears. This ties into ‘Sociotech.’


14- Earth II. On January 1st, 2100, the Artisis Super Civilization renames Earth “Earth II” (not fully) as a message to “restart” and try anew. (And the first major thing that happens on Earth II is a violent global revolution, go figure). Thus, Earth II becomes a byname for future developments to ‘restore the world.’ The Global Rewilding project? An Earth II project. The last thing the Artisis wants is for Earth II to become a hyperfascist, mind-controlled state.


15- Augs. Neural control can also lead to augs, which can come in two forms- 1, chips in your brain that alter or enhance behavior and perception or, two, actually altering the structure of the brain. This can lead to entirely different personalities, altering of memories, creation of memories, etc. Admittedly, I stole this from Deus Ex.

16-  Nerve Overload. Another torture device where neural control enhances your sensitivity to pain (among other things). You’d need an aug for it to truly work as intended. A scale I’m using says that humans unupgraded have a limit of 40 “mGv” of pain- that’s the most Hellish pain a normal human can feel, possible. At 2106 standards, it’s possible to bring this up to nearly 20,000 mGv, a level of pain no human can ever hope to feel and would actually cause visible sparks of electricity in the brain.  Your heart beating could cause as much pain as a gunshot.


17- Virtual Olympics. I play around with this a bit in the first book and quite a lot in the third- imagine an olympic games full of sports, athletics, bloody gun battles, dinosaur wrestling, and light saber dueling? Welcome to the VR Olympics, which unleashes all our sadistic fantasies, sports fantasies, fantastic fantasies in one mythical sporting event. Get eaten by a lion? Get eaten by a T-rex? Get eaten by a cerberus? Disqualified, but not dead. We’re sort of experimenting with such things today, in the form of video game tournaments, but it’s more or less a skill of thumbs, programming effort by the designers, and hand-eye coordination. In this case, you have to train your avatar.


18- Sociotech. Social impact of technology. Transhumanism? Check. Robots? Check. AI? Check. Cloning? Check.
People have a problem with transhumanism today, as well as robots and AI and cloning. In MM’s future, people also have a problem against those who spend all their time in Virtual Reality sims, a term known as “entranced.” A Christian argument goes that ‘Those who lie in false realities are arrogant, denying God’s real and pure creation in order to be God in their own human creation.’ And that’s just Christianity- I don’t this site quite gets it. The number of Christians may be reduced in the future- but the ones that remain are going to be the most die-hard, fundamentalist of the pack. So goes with Islam and other religions. And sociotech only leads to a resurgance of interest in these old beliefs, for the same reason of ‘Droid rights.’
Are you honestly going to tell me that humans are, right off the bat, going to accept droids as their superintelligent, super human equals? It’s not going to take hundreds of years. The more technology advances,  the more violent people become towards it.

The rise of the Silver Class, or the machine proletariat, is also another major issue.


19- The Ultraterrestrial Mythos. The name of a major book in the story, which details a collection of possibilities and ‘certainties.’ What aliens are- aliens, obviously, nothing more and nothing less than extraterrestrials- and what they look like, with profiles and anatomies of various races, beyond the usual grays. The TUM also hypothesizes that ‘Grays’ might be robots or avatars, and only in some cases would they actually be biologicals, and even then they’d be “heavily transhumanized” (in an alien fashion).  Its most popular aspect is its detail of alien crafts, of all sorts and sizes, from classic flying saucers, to flying orbs, submergible underwater-ready craft, and even metaphysical  transportation.
Then it goes on to transhumanity, what we compose of and what will become of us as transhumans and posthumans under various scenarios- in some, we transcend and ascend. In some more, we’re all controlled under a world order unlike any other. In some, we still manage to wipe ourselves out. But the tome expects transhumanity to ascend, and become posthuman.
At which point, the ultraterrestrials come in. The mythos details ultraterrestrials, what they are or may be, how they hide as other ‘paranormal entities’, and why a posthuman civilization will become an ultraterrestrial civilization. However, it also describes ‘modern ultraterrestrials’- our droids and artilects, who are fast becoming better than humans and transhumans.
I’m literally considering doing an entire spin-off book (for I have quite a few planned) revolving around this. I really enjoyed the concept. Besides, who wouldn’t like earning a medal for a light saber duel?

So the current synopsis of the story (note, this may change drastically; it has within the past 2 weeks, but the basic thing and many details are largely solid) is this (by the way, I ask for some concrit and your opinion!)

This will be in spoilers, and is VERY long since I’ve figured I have enough for a full synopsis and am not concerned too much about it anymore.




2082: a girl is born to a North-Central European dictatorship of Emura, to a rogue and mad emperor, and this dictatorship is run by an aristocracy/plutocracy/mechanocracy that keeps the poor well away from them.
This girl? Mackenzie Seville (affectionally known as Meki, hence the name of the story). She is raised by the court and the system, as well as her siblings- both her First Wave- those born in the 2040s- and the Second Wave- those born in the early 2080s like her, thanks to her father’s “youth restoration”. What is odd about this person are three bio-transhuman augments she has- she has a tail; she’s pure-blooded Aryan (defined by the Nazi transhuman group, The Aryan Knights of the Ancient Kings; her Second Wave brother and sister are also included); she’s markedly schizophrenic with a small array of other mental disorders, including (remember it) Masochistic Personality Disorder. All three things were chosen by her father and a panel from the Ministry of Technology. (The last, specifically by her father due to his fetish for the mentally ill).

Her father, Sebastian, nationalized all corporations in the country in the 2040s in an attempt at a ‘socialist monarchy’, but by 2070, one thing paid off more than anything- asteroid mining. It paid off so well, Sebastian amassed a wealth greater than ever seen on Earth, becoming the world’s first trillionaire. His wealth increases exponentially over the years. Thus, the CEOs and corporate bankers received hefty payoffs for their support for their king on top of their own profits and goods derived by the mechanical or machine proletariat, the “droids.”
She’s brought up very much privileged, very much sheltered. Her servants are all droids, and only rarely are humans brought in to serve. Rarely they are, and they are all spotty, almost primitive people. Yet these people are the Emuran populace itself, at least those not born to privileged classes- the rich and the artilects. However, by 2093, she began to question things. Thank her brother, Darius, who- despite being what we’d call “conservative”- did not approve of the truth the government, the corporate run monarchy, and the rich try to destroy. Also thank a human servant and ardent hater of the rich (to be named), who wound up liking the princess Meki because she at least had the nerve to be nice (Darius taught how to be “nice” to his two sisters, Mackenzie and Rosalin, but the former took up after it much easier). Yet the servants are killed within 2 months of each other and new servants brought in in tandem. By the 12th servant, he hated her. Not because she was so rude but because she was becoming insane. She was losing her mind quickly and becoming delusional, and nothing was done about it, so he assumed she was acting out on her own.

Despite having the technology to remedy the mental illness, the elites simply did nothing. Darius realized something- she’s becoming impressionable and what’s impressing her?

A group of young exopoliticians known as “Extraterrestrialists.” They proclaim that humans should spread into space, as well as discuss what extraterrestrial societies capable of such would be like. Their ultimate goal is to “get humanity to a post-human, ultraterrestrial state of existence.” Generally, they agree that such societies would have eradicated poverty, disease, and discrimination and closed the gap between the rich and poor humanely. She latches on. From an early age, she loved aliens with a religious fervor (she sleeps inside a pyramid and electrifies her brain to ‘speak’ to an alien she believes she’s in contact with).
Within mere days, she eschews the Bible and adopts, as her source of dogma, The Ultraterrestrial Mythos, a tome written by- oddly enough- a right-wing author meant to inform the world of the workings of aliens, ultraterrestrials, angels, demons, the way they are supposed to work, and the future of humanity as a transcendant race, beyond the control of ‘current powers’ and to the level of said ultraterrestrials. But the mythos does not entail the path that should be taken, nor how to take this path. It only lists in detail the extraterrestrials, their races and civilizations, their supposed craft and experimental ideas of how they travel, the ultraterrestrial hypothesis and where ultraterrestrials come from and what they can do, how they may masquerade as angels and demons, and why transhuman development will lead to a future where humanity joins them in earnest.
It’s the Extraterrestrialists who add the left-wing spin on it, that aliens would surely have moved beyond negative discrimination.

Darius takes note because he knows that, when Meki chooses a side, she will take it to the extreme. If she goes with the right, she will go ‘maximum over-Nazi.’ If she goes to the left- and this is where it gets interesting- she will support ultra-radical communism. The only problem being that Meki’s idea of what’s poor clearly shows just how out of touch the rich really are. She thinks that a “poor” person must live in a rowdy jungle, or sleeps in rooms like hers but without a bed, and may swing from vines and eat dirt. And the reason why- because of people like her, per se. The extremely ignorant and arrogant rich. While her heart is in the right place in this regard, she clearly doesn’t understand who she’s helping or their plight. But that’s the nature of the beast when the rich are so dedicated to maintaining a segregated society.

Extraterrestrialism, while it doesn’t deny that there would be ‘right wing’ alien races that advances, chooses the left. Hence why some on the right think it’s an Illuminati front (some think that the Ultraterrestrial Mythos was written by the Illuminati).

Meki winds up going with the left and, as expected, she goes all out with the concept of revolution. (To me, this is interesting because every class conflict and dystopian story never really talks about what if this happened, if someone from the “privileged elite’ actually goes all out to revolt while remaining in the system, and of course the aftermath). She thinks that a revolution by the poor will be an exciting time, and it will end in something great.

And in Emura, there should be a revolution any minute now…. A-aaany minute now…



Enter Narello Delarosa and his revolutionary group, “Viyeta’s Knights.”  He’s a ‘viyetist’, which a type of such ultra-radical communism that it actually is actively compared to Nazism in philosophy, except you switch ‘Jews and inferior people’ with ‘bourgeoisie’, whom it claims are ‘inferior peoples.’  (Hence why it’s not exactly the most popular form of communist ideology). He is one of the few unleashing a wave of extremely violent attacks against the upper classes, but considering there are nearly 35 million in Emura, you’d wonder why no one’s revolting.

That’s because the vast majority of the proletariat are ‘connected’ to a government controlled hive mind that keeps them tied down. The government controls your thoughts- LITERALLY- and with direct connection to your neural network, they can even turn you on and off at will, essentially being able to control life and death itself.


Not the Emurans but another oppressive power created the world’s most extreme form of torture known yet- “loopkill’, where you kill a person and then revive them and kill them and repeat and repeat, with the trauma of death eventually breaking them down quite soon. It’s not a perfected science, but it’s used in a few police states, particularly late stage Type III and Type IV Antipathic states.
However, not all are connected. Those that aren’t really cannot be labeled ‘proletarians’- that suggests workers. No, human workers are a thing lost to time by this point, and because Antipathic states are defined by how poorly they treat their ex-workers, you can see where revolution can emerge. These proles are then brutally subjugated into submission. They operate on an entirely separate economy from the rich, one that is perpetually imploding and can never improve. They are forcibly cut off from the world and are aggressively prevented from escaping. Obviously, the outside world knows about them, this being the Information Age… Add to that the transhumanization of the rich and the lack thereof of the poor and it becomes easy to see why this world fosters viyetists…


Narello, “Nari”, also has other personal things driving him on, such as the death of his sister before his eyes, the capturing and supposed death of his parents and grandparents, and the quite brutal mutilation of his  beloved dog- by his own hands, as he was starving and literally had nothing else to eat.  He wields great anger towards the upper classes and the ‘Silver’ Class- that of the working droids. And being a viyetist, he’s encouraged to speak his darker desires, his murderous needs, and his blackened will of violence. That’s the point of it- most communists say that murder and violence is either ‘only something to take up when need be’ or ‘a necessary evil’. Viyetists thrive on it- it’s the first thing they condone. Any form of non-violence is to be rejected, and once they’re in power, it will be the Holocaust all over again. (It should be interestingly noted that ‘modern’ Viyetists are also against Jews, despite the Trope Namer, the late Viyeta himself, was a Jew…)

While all this is going on, the nastier things try to take hold. For one, a young African youth winds up catching her eye- the main reason being that they share a love for Extraterrestrialism. She remains unsure if he actually loves her, for she barely understands what love is nor did she ever really feel the need for romance herself.

The young man, named Michael, is the son of a business man who had been bought out by Sebastian decades ago, running him into poverty. He tried to escape Emura, but when he was denied visas to other countires, he came to believe that the elite power structure needed him to suffer. Then, finally, right before his son was born, he was shipped to Morocco. Why him, he does not know, but he has since formed a prime  mindset of revenge. In Emura, he joined several rebel movements, where he plotted sabotage. Then came the neural sweep, and he had to go into hiding to avoid being tied to a system via nanochips under the skin.

Enter Meki, who’s somewhat famous for her willingness to visit the slums of a major city, Sophirear.  He decides to use his son to get closer to her in what, Michael doesn’t know. He believes assassination, and he believes that his dad’s insane- kill a princess in a country where the rich brutalize the poor just for breathing the wrong way, and hell might break loose! (PS- as I go into detail later on, many turn off after “kill the princess”) But he doesn’t care anymore. Anything he can do to disrupt the Machine will be appreciated. After Michael manages to meet Meki and it’s noted that Meki “cares” for him, Michael earns a few privileges, although the royal guards make sure that he still maintains distance. It is here that Michael firsts tastes the life of privilege, and first realizes he is, indeed, attracted to Meki. And it is here that he discovers Meki’s plot for the poor.
To cement their growing relationship (although Meki feels increasingly uncomfortable- trust me, schizoids and romance don’t go together), Meki and Michael decide to get an enhanced heart together. Meki would get one half, and Michael, the other.
At the same time, Meki’s forced to cut off all ties with him. At that moment, he and his family and friends and community believe Meki to have shown her true colors, and Michael believes he’s shattered his delusion. How foolish, he thought, that he’d actually have any chance with her.  Face it- he’s told- “she’s a rich and privileged, blonde-haired blue eyed pure white north-central European princess. Michael? He’s poor and impoverished, nappy haired brown eyed ugly black kid from a backwards North African country.”

But it doesn’t take long for him to think- he knows Meki better than she knows herself, and this was evident with her friends (hallucinatory friends, see below), and he realizes the truth of the matter. Meki’s incapable of true love, and she doesn’t care because she believes she has a duty to fulfill, one that will grind her through a hell never before seen on Earth. He knows the court was racist, but the court also was ostensibly pro-rich and against Ælcorus. He decides to take a risk and assume Meki’s not the same, and tries to meet with her once more, and it’s here that he has an accidental and tragic run in with the NWO, who believe that Meki is fully under their wing… If she actually cared for this… black  thing, then she must not be as controlled as they thought! So inadvertantly…

Rumours are going around that Sebastian is planning to marry Meki, and this rumor validates the idea that Meki remains untreatedly schizophrenic because of Sebastian’s fetish for mentally disturbed women (and supposedly men). Meki also purportedly “predicted” that her father would do such because she was contacted by aliens who said that it would happen.  Also, this would be to ‘protect’ Meki from ‘foreign influences’, although these influences are not named.

Why is this a point? The family wields now nearly $700,000,000,000,000 (seven hundred trillion USD)! This is enough to end global poverty dozens of times over, but the elites instead have a plan to use the money to build a utopian society in space (hence why Elysium caught my eye; I kinda see it as a glorified ‘what if’ of a Mother Meki plotline) away from the “Ugly Plenty” and transhumanize themselves into a fully post-human existence and become the Gods of the new Earth, with the Ugly Plenty as the roaches to be their plaything. Michael’s father knows that the family is so unequally wealthy, but he doesn’t know- no one knows- that Meki’s plan is that, when she ascends to the throne of Empress, she will co-wield the $700 trillion with her husband-father. She could then send it out to the poor of the world and end poverty on her own. She can support revolution where need be and achieve the Extraterrestrialist dream of ascending to the stars as an enlightened race. It can’t fail!

Michael, Darius, everyone in a small party who knows/knew about this insane plan knows how many holes there are in this; how wrong it could go; how horribly planned out it is. But Meki is largely incapable of thinking correctly and is instead impulsive. She won’t realize the problem until too late, providing she hasn’t changed the plan 500 times by then.


Around this time, the schizophrenic Meki is ‘updated’ by her imaginary friends on a situation. Her imaginary friends include a small, purple chimpanzee, “Dultzy-Ka”, from the planet Ulux in the Andromeda Galaxy. The other is a giant, well mannered gorilla, named ‘Sex’ (nothing special about the pronunciation, he is really named ‘Sex’), who is an ultraterrestrial.  Sex tells her that she will soon be faced with the lowest humanity can sink to, on all fronts and that she must become a cyber-transhuman (remember, she’s already a bio-transhuman, with her tail and pure Aryan genetics). He also tells her that Michael is an ‘angelthane’, a type of ultraterrestrial, and that several others- mixed between the rich and poor- are also angelthanes, watching observantly the human race and its path.  Meanwhile, Bæphomet and  His agents, the dæmonadi [PS, ‘æ’ recurs quite a lot in the story, get used to it], trouble these ultraterrestrials with their plans of action. Equally, the rich are about to pass a window, and as soon as they do, they will become unstoppable- as unstoppable as Bæphomet. So it’s up to Meki to do something to turn the tide of human history. She has the power, the resources. The ‘humble rises to challenge kings’ cliche simply can’t work now, so she has to make the choice.


The Extraterrestrialists told her that aliens would favor aiding the poor, right? And it makes sense to her. It’s common sense. Why not bring the poor up? Give them power? Show we’re better than our old uncivilized ways. Also, what is potentially more impressive to an advanced alien race- a few million super rich people who gained power by unrelenting force? Or several billion rich people all powerful as one? The latter suggests compassion and species-wide maturity. It’s more impressive. It says a lot more. And besides- Darius hates oppression. Michael hates oppression. Everyone she cares for the most does not approve of what’s gone on at the surface- even her father has regrets about the common man’s state.
She chooses to side with the poor, no questions asked.
But Dultzy-Ka does warn her of one thing- two alien factions from her own planet are coming to Earth. In 2107, they will engage in a skirmish with each other, which should take little time to complete. Then they will come to Earth by 2112 at the latest. (THIS IS NOT A RUSH REFERENCE. STOP ASKING.)
Neither side offers much hope for Meki. On one hand, we have the ‘Anti-NWO’, ‘Anti-Illuminati’, “Anti-Globalist Bankers’ aliens you hear so much about on conspiracy pages. They will arrive and give great glory to the poor and the meek. They will then destroy all elements of the New World Order- and this includes even those elements within it that were also against it, including Meki. They will simply be seen as “NWO”, regardless. There’s no way out of this and no guarantee for resurrection.
The other side’s even more hideous. These aliens are the ‘Pro-NWO/Illuminati/Globalist Bankers’, and they support the ruling elite against the poor. Traitors will suffer the most, but will suffer nonetheless amonst the “mud slaves” that are the poor, non-white (and most poor white) mud peoples. Meki’s technically a traitor.

So either way, she will not survive their arrival and purging. But Meki said, a few minutes ago, “No questions asked.” Her mind’s made up…


Enter Karcu, a droid with his own fetish for human skin. One night early in 2099, he manages to sneak into the royal palace in which they reside and rape Meki. This causes an outrage, and the somewhat tense human-droid relations are hurt by this.   Before his death, Michael felt that he could have protected Meki from this, that the droids are the problem with society. They have more rights than he does. They have all the jobs and are so good at them that the fading capitalist class won’t even look at humans to hire. This means that Earth’s becoming Post-Capitalist, but only some countries actually take the step. Some offer massive levels of welfare to help the poor. Others, like Emura, leave the poor out to dry and die.
Karcu winds up escaping punishment due to world class lawyers on his side (kickbacks, anyone?) and he moves on, although keeping an eye on Meki.
Nari’s one of those who got a kick out of this story, of course.
In a post-capitalist society, those countries that don’t help the poor become upgraded enough to be relevent in society and perhaps even find what jobs they can are labeled amongst any of four types of ‘Antipathic’ post-singularity societies, and Emura’s a “Type III-Antipathic nation,” one shy of Type IV, doing what Meki fears would be done…

What Meki fears is that the rich would pull a  Blue Abortion (named after a book in the book, per se), where the rich wipe out the poor altogether to prevent worrying about them uprising (the book claims that this conspiracy began in our time when the future of technology is being discussed as such with realistic expectations- what kind of site are you on right now, anyway?)

During the year 2098, Viyeta’s Knights scored a major victory- a digital complex had been destroyed, despite all countermeasures against it. This should have been impossible- but was actually due to their stealing of equal-level technology as those the elite use  Nari was becoming increasingly confident that there was hope for a revolution, even during these bleak times. And yet many didn’t believe him- they planned to die as martyrs of a movement for justice. They didn’t expect to win. Meki figured that the window for revolution would close sometime in the 2140s-2160s. To the poor, it already had.

They’ve seen the miracles of supertechnology-for the rich. The “directed” economic collapses made sure that the poor were economically disarmed. Meki had hope, and she had an idea…

2099…the year began an odd one, with a “UFO” appearing over the royal palace. Of which couldn’t be caught. Meki, obviously, saw it as a sign.

While on the streets of a city,she met another extraterrestrialist sec. Meki learned that they were already plotting total overthrow of the government, and these were odd ones- per se, they’re “like Meki”- extremely rich kids! They too have come to believe that, in order for humanity to become a ‘galactically acceptable” race, we had to wash away existing  socio-economic orders that kept humanity down. They also agreed that it makes common sense that lifting up billions is more impressive than keeping a few tens of millions in power.  Meki learned about Ælcorus from them, or at least its true intended nature. They tell her about the state of Emura, as a type iii-antipathic state. Then comes the her plan. She has to do something to kickstart the revolution.

The other rich kids say  that the rich and poor have deluded themselves into thinking that revolutions can never happen again. This is the furthest thing from the truth- if they can get money to the poor- as well as food and weapons and supplies, this could be a great age of revolution.
So she puts into plan something plain ridiculous- she decides to have herself shot just to kickstart the revolution. It’s no more insane than you think it is= she funds a revolutionary group- the aforementioned Viyeta’s Knights- with millions, eventually billions of dollars- to carry it out. The sniper in question would have full spectrum cloaking and an electromagnetic gun to pop her off- which he does on August 15, 2099, the day after her full coronation as Empress. The news of the Empress being killed (she’s soon revived, of course) breathes new life into the movement, and those not conencted to the government system but we not revolting before now begin to.  The day goes down as the ‘Ides of August’ event.

Meki, once revived (about an hour later), is fitted with several cyber “augs”, with one being of her own choice- the “Jesus Aug”. This is to be her Ælcorenian tag, which she uses to think from an Ælcorenian perspective. She recognizes some of the flaws in her plan, but unfortunately, because the Jesus Aug is not fully done and is the wetware version, she doesn’t see all of it and remains ignorant to the possibility the plan could fail catastrophically.
She also receives several other augs. For one, her upper body- particularly her chest and left arm- had been blown away by the sniper, so she gets a fully cyborg-worth plate and arm, as well as a further enhanced heart, a cybernetic lung, a ‘third eye’ on her forehead (it’s more like a phone camera; can see infrared and ultraviolet light amongst other things), and photosynthetic skin cells that would, in any case, be able to ‘feed’ her vital organs in any extreme cases.

December 31st, 2099 and January 1st, 2100. The Artisis declare Earth to be Earth II, to ‘reset’ mankind’s past mishaps. Most on the ground view it as nothing more than bourgeois nonsense, and that the only who’ll actually benefit are those at the top and those without souls.
Terios approaches Meki with knowledge of her plan and strikes a deal with her…

She wings much of the rest of it, moving on with a plan to unhook everyone from the Ministry- although she lets the revolutionaries themselves to the actual freeing. Once the people are free, revolution grips Emura. The technology on both sides is equivalent  for the revolutionaries have the backing of other countries and can also buy weapons thanks to a mystery ‘supplier’ of funds.

Meki doesn’t exactly realize it (she doesn’t seem to think things out much), but she winds up sending nearly 2 trillions USD to the revolutionaries by the middle of 2101. They are so well funded that even when the elites send out their best units, they meet their match. The droid armies are overrun, and thanks to added backing of other countires, it soon becomes clear that the Emuran government is doomed. Elements of the monarchy/plutocracy and the elite begin making their run for it- some go to Russia, others to Germany, both being designated ‘havens’ for them- and support for the crown wanes considerably.
However, when about 30,000 remain in the country, the rebels managed to find several ways to prevent them from leaving. It seems funny to note that this group of 30,000 contains almost all of the most hated and reviled- and important- individuals in Emura. This includes the royal family.

Remember those rich kids mentioned earlier, the Extraterrestrialist sect? They, and Meki, pre-empt a new little movement of rich youth in Emura, of those who give sums (varying between modest and large) to the revolutionaries and declare themselves “pro-poor”. The poor give them a name, the “Sharts”, because they came suddenly and without warning and no one wants them to get involved (although they’ll gladly take the money).  Meki views this with slight concern and some understanding- these people are helping the revolutionaries, right? So why do the rebels still dislike them? Now she knows- the revolutionaries don’t care about actions now- you’re a ‘fair weather rebel’ if you help now- but by the labels they’ve created before. It’s as Lenin said- “Don’t ask about a man’s actual criminal record. Ask what class he hails from- that’s the determinant of his fate”. She was told by Dultzy-Ka and Sex years ago that she’d face extreme punishment, but she never really could figure out why. Now that her head’s a tad bit more cleared, wiped clean by both neural augs and maturity, she understands.

Meki has to take great pains to make sure she’s not found out, for one misstep can ruin the whole plot (she has no clue that Michael did that already). She stays in the palace, instead using her advantage of looking over the shoulders of military planners and listening in on machines, trying to figure out the logs of rival machines. By July 2nd, 2101, the government was all but defeated.

Meki’s masochistic nature kicks in by this point, for she begins delusional aspirations of being ‘this generation’s Marie Antoinette.’ She’s always held an odd fascination with the concept of class conflict with the rich ending up the losers, but what she’s always wanted to know= what happens after the end? Most books, movies, video games like this end with the rich “in flames” or trumped, and most history books just passingly mention what happened to the ruling classes after their fall, but she never seems to find out realistically what would happen so long after the end, in detail.

Well she’s going to find out soon enough.
By November 2101, just 4 months shy of her 20th birthday, rebels, backed by foreign/droid soldiers, storm the capital city. Nanobotic countermeasures are defeated by electronic fog weapons and the like, and the those who haven’t left or weren’t captured are quickly caught and wrested to the ground.  The elite try to take the money before Meki can release it, only to discover that it’s not there anymore. They can’t track it- it’s all gone! But where… All the know is that Meki did something with it.
Finally, the victorious rebels capture the capital, burn the ministries and departments and other government facilities, and lift the wealth. They’re stunned to see that the Emperor’s wealth is gone- they assume he’s since sent it somewhere else. And they won’t find out where anytime soon- his Royal Highness, the Emperor Sebastian Seville, is killed in the crossfire wholly by accident during the storming of the palace when a bullet struck his brain. Electronic fog knocked out all neural capture tech, and that was the end of him.

It’s assumed no one else knows where it is, but if need be, they’ll put the Empress Mackenzie under neural reconstruction to examine her memories.
Rebel leaders realize their loss here. Some estimates put his wealth in the quadrillions of dollars, while other, more conservative estimates place it near 300 trillion USD. Either way, it’s more money than anyone can possibly imagine. They know he’d never destroy it, so they figure that he must’ve set it in another bank, perhaps one in Russia or Monaco.
And that’s definitely all right with them. You know that 2 trillion dollars they had to wage war/feed the masses? They don’t need most of it anymore, so other  Oppressed Peoples are going to get a few good pennies…

Meki’s incarcerated immediately (at gunpoint) and is sent off to a prison facility and then to trial after trial, becoming disgruntled by the so called “violent revolutionaries” lack of action with her. She doesn’t know she’s going to go through ‘truth’ operations to extract the location of the money, but…

You see, she had no intention of surviving the revolution, but actually facing punishment seems to be increasingly unlikely.
Finally, she simply walks off one day- no one even asking any questions or stopping her as she walks away in plain sight- and goes to the Emuran Communal People’s Temple. It’s run by none other than Narello Delarosa, the same sadistic man who preached and carried out cold blooded murder of the upper class.
That’s the end of Book One, in a very general nutshell.

Yes, that’s general.

Mother Meki II…



Mother Meki 2 starts with Meki and several other blue bloods and corporate execs suffering under Narello, “Nari”, and the Temple in a place, a valley near a mountain, known as the Utacame. She’s made into a maid, a house-servant, and a worker for the time being.

At first, it seemed as if she was going to be killed. She was lined up with about 80 other prisoners, at which Nari told them collectively their “class crimes” and, in a mock trial with others, reached the verdict “Guilty” for all with the punishment being “Immediate Execution.” He then went up to each individually and spoke their crimes to them and, notably before this, asked them for their last words, expecting begging and pleading, or silence. But Meki said “I don’t understand your hatred or emotions, and I never will,” and this agitated Nari enough to decide to spare their lives for the sole purpose of making them understand.

Meki didn’t expect this, but she did expect the following becoming the bullied houseservant and worker to the liberated proletarians.  After the Ides of August event, she had several augs- one of these was supposed to have granted her ‘basic prole’ abilities, making her a rather cheap worker for some basic things.  Aside from some retribution and bullying, nothing too dark happens during this time.
Besides this one little thing- after Meki emerges victorious from a staged duel, she’s treated to a huge meal. There’s just one thing- one of Nari’s closer friends and close supporters- Jedaleo- decided to play with a recently procured nano-kit and whip up a ‘Russian Oil Laxative’. It’s not Russian- it was just first made in Russia. It’s not oil- it’s nanites that creates a fungus. Laxative? That has connotations- medical connotations. An ROL is officially labeled by governments to be a ‘vengeance weapon.’ (Backstory, in 2062, a cruel Russian general was poisoned with one; within a week he was dead. He simply couldn’t ingest enough food or water). Ahem, very luckily (in some regards) for Meki, she also had that aforementioned Photosynthetic Skin Cell Aug… Not that it helped with anything else.
The Temple blossoms. In 2103, there were about 100 workers there (minus the ‘class enemies’). In 2104, it rises to nearly 2,000. When Meki is shipped off, the Temple is being completely redone. The Victory Garden is planted. Statues dedicated to Karl Marx and Viyeta are to be built (with the labor of Meki and the blue bloods, only), and the whole place is reconstructed into several plots.


Mayy, 2104, when after some straws are drawn, Meki’s sent to the Sophirear slums for a little bit of “justice” by the hands of the proles there. And do they have their fun. Many aren’t truly hateful, but what they want to know the most is “why?” Why did the rich do the things they did? Meki doesn’t know- she never identified with the whole bourgeoisie mindset, nor tried to. She was too concerned with what her hallucinations and aliens wanted. (ADD Moment/Fun fact- I now realize that Meki displays a type of reality projection schizophrenia- Dultzy-Ka and Sex seem to be Meki’s grip on ‘reality’, but in an out of body form that she must commune with). The populace didn’t exactly like this answer.
Take it to note, the people aren’t as poor as they once were, and at one point, many were finally rich. But immediately after, the socialist government forced redistribution of wealth- even though it was the same wealth they just redistributed amongst themselves- and enforced it with crackdowns. So they ultimately didn’t improve too much. And Meki’s helped only by the fact that they are now in the earliest stages of distrust towards the formerly “100% pro-people” government.

While in Sophirear, the increasingly unsure Meki learns that the proletarian classes aren’t the only ones that hate her. It turns out that the elites have a few bones to pick with her too. They’re upset that they couldn’t get her damn money- that’s nearly a quadrillion dollars they, the super elite of the world, don’t have, and some schizo royal tried giving to the ‘muds’.  So in terms of class, she has no friends.

Or so she thinks- in Sophirear, many become sympathetic to her. Take it, they are subsequently uprooted, but this shows her that she can still have friends in this world. The next batch to come in aren’t as humane- they hate her outright for the sake of her being royalty and rich (formerly). They plot a conspiracy, that works, to get her sent to a Siberian camp (Russia had its own revolution a few years prior, and guess what happened…)  The original group of displaced poor become angry and ultimately lead the first true counter-revolution against their increasingly tyrannical government “””of the people.””””

From 2106 to 2112, she remains in Siberia, in a camp named URDK #6 and this is the turning point as a whole…

I go into the detail of the ‘new’ Russian Revolution right about here, but as for the story, in September of 2106, Meki is processed and enters the place, a concentration camp. At the time- September 2106, all of the inmates are either totally bourgeois, or totally ‘class traitors’, with no commoners inside for “stupid” or “paranoid” reasons.
Early on, it’s established that URDK#6 is a different beast from Utacame. Bullying is very constant, and soon it begins to descend into pure torture. For example, the group has roll call in the morning, and it’s here they brush their teeth. Meki’s never brushed her teeth before- it’s usually just cleaned off with more ‘futuristic’ methods, and when she tries it, she spits out at about 30 seconds. The sergeant then forces her to lick the spittle up off the dirt and continue brushing before slapping her. Then, when he says they’re done, he makes about eight others spit in her mouth and makes her brush, swash, gargle, and spit that out before pushing her on.
Still, that’s a feather on the feet compared to what comes later.
Meki’s kept with the women for her time, until one morning where all the girls are taken out to a court yard and the camp commander comes out for an inspection. As he talks, Meki comments, and she’s forced to step out of the line and to an opposite wall. A firing squad enters, aims, and fires- at all the other women. Meki actually saved herself with her comment, and she gains the commander’s respect, though not his liking or favor.  Still, the fact she has his respect gives her a minute amount of buffer from the torture. He even comments that had the situation been different, they could have been friends in some different world. Meki deals with the heavy handed nature of the camp, and feels that this is it- this is where she dies. It will be complete. She manages to befriend a few people, although others hiss her down, claiming her to be a ‘traitor’ or ‘saboteur,’ much like she found out in Sophirear years before. Also, if you remember the ROL she ingested, you’d understand why her camp nickname is ‘Princess Mudguts.’ She faces the brunt of much bullying and harrassment, but such is the nature of the beast. ‘The nail that sticks out highest is nailed down first’- what sticks out higher than an empress- the richest person on Earth at that- of a horribly dystopian nation?

Not much changes until January 2107, when a counter revolution is attempted within Russia (for similar reasons as to what happened in Sophirear). Immediately, there is a surge of inmates- many of them once proud communists and socialists and Neo-Luddites- which effectively turns URDK#6 into a true concentration camp gulag. At the same time, the former camp commander resigns, and a new one- far, far more brutal, comes in. He lives only to further the Stalinist practices of the government in power, and lives to damn transhumanism for all except a chosen few for whom it would be ‘necessary.’ He preaches revolutionary terror against the ‘exploiters’, but in fact he just would rather bully and kill anyone he could get his hands on.
Then there’s Dr. Chernyshev, a medical experimental and secret transhumanist who had arrived a year and a half before but only came to URDK#6 right about the time Meki came. At the time, he was simply a medical doctor with restrictions placed on him. Under the new commander, he has no restrictions.
Meki’s to be his first  true patient, and he has received from the government a VRI machine and intends to use it. What does a VRI machine do? Neural control.
He wants to experiment with loopkill, and he gets his wish.

January 27th, 2107, the biggest turning point of MM.
I’m not going to describe every last scene of torture here, but this one’s important because this is where loopkill first comes into play. Meki awakens one morning- 4 AM as usual by now- and is sent with others to roll call. By this point, she’s already emaciated- a bit of gruel and cheap bread a day isn’t much, and the photosynthetic skin doesn’t help very much- and thus quite weak. But that’s not necessarily what gets her killed.  You sometimes stutter once in a while. Well Meki stutters almost unnoticeably when reciting her prisoner number, and it’s called as ‘forgetting her number’- forgetting your number results in swift punishment.
By this point, the soldiers and guards- most having been stationed here since URDK #6’s opening, have long since gotten bored. And as a fellow inmate once said- “a man is most dangerous when bored and unchained.” They (soldiers) were looking for ways to ‘punish’ Meki, and they were utterly bored of the usual ‘beat with a stick, flog, spit on them, kick them, punch them, claw at them, curse them, kill them.’ So they began looking up some creative ways to kill people and cause maximum pain. They found several ways, scribbling them down, and decided to treat ‘Princess Mudguts’  to something they deem fitting.
This is based on an actual killing I found out, from Russia in the early 1920s- they slice open her abdomen and pull out her intenstines, then nail the intestines to a wooden pole. She’s beaten around the pole before they force her to strip on it. Very soon, she dies from shock. (Seriously, this actually happened, minus the stripping part. Sick!) So is this the end of Meki?
Ho ho ho, not so, not so… and this is where Dr. Chernyshev comes in, running in and asking to take the still somewhat conscious Meki to his lab. He hooks her to the VRI machine and records her memories and thoughts and neural configuration before then stopping it completely. Using recently procured nanotech, he fixes Meki up (only fixing her up, not actually bringing her back to full health) and- crossing his fingers- tries to restart Meki’s neurons.

Meki wakes up, wondering what in the world is going on. She thought she was supposed to die. This is where she’s supposed to die- she had a few moments of bliss after losing consciousness. Now she’s back and in pain once more. To the smiling face of Dr. Chernyshev! Loopkill has worked for him.
Actually, it hasn’t. He’s simply resurrected Meki from ‘fuldeath.’  Loopkill means ‘looped killing’, and doing it once isn’t necessarily a loop. They need to put Meki back to work, see how long she survives. She might last 2 hours, she might last 24 hours. Who knows- perhaps if they were to never kill her, she’d go on living indefinitely.
But Meki is horrified.  And certainly, this begins a darker age at the camp.
She’s loopkilled thirty more times within a month.  Meanwhile, she and the others are sent off to work in a variety of brutal settings- Meki is sent to mines and a factory. She works 24 hours a day (this is normally a punishment, but  being of a ‘bourgeois/exploiter/imperalist’ background automatically leads to punishment) before being sent straight to another place to work.
And did I mention that these are the winter months in northern Siberia? Do you need to know how screwed Meki is here?
In her cell (which she shared with nearly 150 other people, despite being about 35 feet by 35 feet),  diseases ran rampant and many people froze to death- at which point, others began simply eating the dead.  Eventually, Meki and a few others are dealt one last humiliation when they’re stripped of their meager clothes.  Some were shot in their arms or legs or other non-fatal locations and forced to work on. Meki herself had her hand crushed by a droid pretending to shake her hand, only to squeeze on with nearly 1000 psi.

Everyone’s chained up- the ‘exploiters’ all with added weights and soundmakers which served more as torture for each other than safeguards for escape- and as time went on, the guards began being ‘rewarded’ for being ‘creative’ in their torture and punishment dealings. One man, known amongst prisoners as ‘the Pope’, had gotten his name because he used methods found in the Bible. He’d flog you 39 times.
The endless nights during the winter only helped to further discourage the inmates.
Everything Meki does results in blind punishment- she breathes too many times, punished. She breathes too few times, punished. Blinks too often- punished. Blinks too seldom- punished. Walks with too obvious a limp- punished. Walks with too much refinement- punished. Speaks when spoken to, but not loud enough- punished. Eats too quickly, too slowly- punished. Often, she doesn’t even do anything to get punished, and yet is still sent for extreme harassment.  Thanks to the VRI Machine, Chernyshev even has access to her thoughts, so anything even remotely considered dubious is used against her, even if not actually anything subversive.
And when the guards begin having contests to see just how creative and thrilling they can make their kills and beatings. You can say that it hasn’t been topped for Meki went they light a firework up her ass- that was an accident too. They thought it was a firecracker, not a full fledged firework. That blows up the lower half of her body, which they then stomp on mercilessly before throwing her in a mass grave, knowing damn well Dr. Chernyshev is already coming to bring her back.

And you think the human guards are having a field day? In fact, nearly 1/4s there are on the verge of breaking.  Of course, a good ½ grew up in abject poverty and faced ridiculous levels of terror- you can say that they deal, at least the bourgeois or those considered by the state such, many good blows with a tad bit more than a vengeful smirk.


Meki began breaking down quickly. That’s one of the goals of her torturers and executioners- to see her broken.  Much like the conspiracy grown in Sophirear, the guards create a conspiracy all their own against her (they laugh- “a conspiracy against an elite, how ironic!”) where they’ll bring in a small Nazi gang to screw with Meki. They do come in and offer her sanctuary in a Nazi community in southern Germany, if she agrees to repent for her ‘crimes against the white race.’ (She realizes later that they must have had connections to those elites out for revenge) After pressuring, she breaks down and goes with them- only as far as the front gate of the camp, where they gang on her and beat her in, spouting racist slurs (proclaiming her to be the ‘Queen of the N****rs’). They run off, and then the soldiers at the camp “just so happen” to turn around/open their visors/open their windows and see the bleeding and gored Meki on the ground and then charge her and continue beating her for attempted escape, spouting classist remarks and slurs.

Add to this extended VRI sessions, tangling with her neurons, and you can see that the already mildly schizo Meki loses it much, much further.
By 2109, she’s so disenfranchised that she very nearly destroys the egg of money in her chest (which, surprisingly, no one figured out what it was and instead left it there). Also by this point, Meki’s completely emaciated, as much as you’d see in a Nazi concentration camp.
But she knows there’s hope. For example, the camp hosts things called ‘Food Runs’, where the heavily guarded prisoners are forced to run across the Siberian, communist-controlled  country for many, many miles. At various appointed stops, they can beg for food. In February 2107, Meki is on her first, and it’s here that she decides to share a banana with an 8 year old child, who tells her that his father was a critic of the revolutionary party, but otherwise as poor as they come. He didn’t understand why he was there- he heard reasons why Meki was there, but not himself. He claims his parents were killed soon. Meki and the child befriend each other, and they help each other all the way throughout the Food Run, each gathering far more food than they could have on their own. Their mutual effort inspires the others to try, and the guards bear witness to this odd act of humanity.
Back at URDK #6, Meki never hears from the child again, learning that he had been cooked alive and passed around the prisoners as food by the guards.

By 2109, that counter revolution has begun succeeding, and the gulag commander is replaced by the government with another one, one who is more ‘professional’ and less interested in torture; more in industry. Dr. Chernyshev once again is limited in his scope, but he is still able to loopkill (under the weak condition that it’s to Meki’s benefit, for loopkilling is a crime the whole world condemns fiercely) so Meki’s lot improves starting in 2109, but she remains weakened.

By 2110, several people are forced to be released, and the Food Runs are finally discovered and labeled a humanitarian crisis. The gulags were already known by the international community, but the testimony of the survivors as well as smuggled video finally creates a massive uproar.
By this point, most in the camp have died, and Meki’s cell is mostly empty. The inmates have since forgotten old notions of race, sex, class, creed, and other discriminations, despite their supposedly ‘communist’ superiors doing everything they claimed to be against.  They know that, in society, these things will return, but here they can at least enjoy what they can knowing it’s possible amongst ‘wetware humans’, for a time.
Socialism in the 22nd century has already begun to fail in the face of the machine classes. Socialists thought that, with the decline of retrocapitalism in the last century, they’d easily be able to dominate the world. They just didn’t anticipate the machines, mechanocrats, and the like.
In 2111, the Artisis finally demand all concentration camps closed.  In the dying days of cold and rainy October 2111, they send agents to forcibly shut them down, and it’s here that Meki is finally released, after 1,486 loopkills. Actually, she’s initially forgotten as, when the Artisis initially arrive, Meki was working inside of a mine, having lived in their for 2 weeks to work.  The day they came was the day Meki left the mine, but she left hours too late. She wasn’t freed from incarceration until 2 days later, after being freaked out by the sudden abandonment.

Only to be incarcerated almost immediately again! However, it’s soon obvious that this one won’t lead to any more horrorshows. It’s to the Artisis in Switzerland, and she’s offered to stay at an institution. However, she still has to answer to those things that went down in Emura- if she can prove she was not responsible for any of the oppression or crimes, she’s free. And it’s easy to prove- a neural sweep can do it.
She agrees, and soon after she’s cleared, she eshews the institution and returns to Emura…

… to the Emuran People’s Communal Temple, to Nari! But something about this place seems different… The Victory Garden’s withered and dead. The effigies to Marx and Viyeta remain woefully unfinished, even a tad weathered. The Temple’s paint is cracked and fading. Weeds are growing, and feeder creeks have re-appeared. Most obviously, however- there’s no one there! There’s Nari and two others, but that’s it. That’s all. The place is run down. The plots are empty.

Meki enters the Temple (as it’s known) and comes face to face with Nari, who repeatedly sweeps her away (literally one time) and shoots her twice to get her off his porch. (Luckily, they both hit her metal plating). When he leaves to ‘buy more bullets’, she meets with Erikoh, one of Nari’s friends and long-time secret sympathizer of Meki. He asks her why she’s here (I love this one line, “I’m sure the Jews didn’t come back to Auschwitz and ask the camp commander to be their friend.”) and learns the actual, schizo truth- Utacame is known to be a UFO hotspot (oddly enough, he never saw one there) and it’s where Dultzy-Ka said the aliens would come first.
But Erikoh doesn’t exactly see what she means and the two get off track with a separate conversation. Meki mentioned that she doesn’t know what happened to the Temple- when she was sent away, it was practically a boom town. Nari’s adoring fans came from all over, and the government gave him another several hundred and payed him to take them.  She had to admit, she had doubts but the old school socialist model looked like it was finally working well for once.

It wasn’t. Not necessarily because it’s impossible, but because it hadn’t a chance.  Not in this day and age. And there are deep reasons why, far deeper than the Temple itself, but that’s where they begin.
True- when Meki left, indeed after she left, the place was going insane. Your beret wearing communists pointed to the Utacame as proof that communism does work, and that it’s “only because of it being surrounded- and sabotaged- by capitalism and its agents against democracy” did it always fall apart. It really was a socialist paradise to observers up until 2105. At total, 5,000 people were workers for the Utacame Collective, across 20 plots. An industrial collective was also to be merged with them. They were making money, and that’s what was supposed to be important.But the problems began. As early as 2101, there were a few people who were upset that they couldn’t “choose a partner” and instead had to rely on totally free love.  But that was the beginning and it was only a small few- by 2105, there were complaints about materials and pay. Nari and his ‘commisars’ made sure all needs were met, so he didn’t understand where these were coming from. People were dissatisfied with what they had.  They were becoming belligerent towards each other. They weren’t acting ‘in a socialist manner.’ They were acting selfish. The more their needs were met, the more they wanted.  Kids were the first to say this, and Nari simply advised the adults to teach them humility. The ‘open protest’ laws allowed for people to protest anything they damn well wanted to, so some decided to protest this. ‘Except that.’ ‘And that.’ ‘And that.’
But these were to be expected, Nari said. Any socialist knows that ‘capitalist brainwashing’ is a hard stain to remove, and wants and desires will get in the way of a fraternal world. Problem being that these commies were working figuaratively next door to a bunch of droids.

Thanks to Meki’s action of giving out 2 trillion dollars- remember, separate from her intended action that was the 600 trillion- (by the way, these aren’t dollars, but I have yet to create currency fitting enough, so I’m going with the standard ‘dollar’ for this summary only) allowed revolutionaries to get weapons, food, supplies, and technology. They weren’t collectively stupid. They knew that, to defeat the upper classes, they needed to match them in technological prowess, and the money allowed them to do that. With the fall of Emura, money was then shipped to other revolutionary groups across Europe and Africa, and eventually the globe. Many nations fell. Those that defeated their revolutions were nearly wiped out by sanctions. Even in the United States, there was a socialist Luddite colony.
Aha, and that’s where the problems began- Luddites. Now that they took down the ruling elite, what need was there for this ‘corrupting’ technology?  Can humanity not turn back the clock to a better, purer age?
No, he can’t. Droids already have a stronghold, and the Artisis are already high in power.
In Utacame, the workers may have had their needs met, but they were without proletarian pride. What was their pride had been wiped away by the droids. You see, the human proletariat is going to have its bare ass owned by droids for the stated reasons (far) above.  Nearly 55% of the world’s countries are now socialist, but the total product their make is a quarter of a fraction of that of the Mechanical Proletariat. The machines are simply too much better. That’s what discouraged the Utacame workers first.
In countries that were Post-Capitalist but still socialist, humans enjoyed the many benefits of droid labor without having to do any of that labor themselves. The Artisis and like groups vowed to ‘quell’ any such “Hollywoodian fantasies of AI rebellions.” No work and all play with no consequences? Count me in, out! To hardline retrocommunists like Nari, this could not stand. Humans should be the proletariat, and the proletariat should be humans. Machines are just capital to  be used! Not the workers themselves! But the machines are much better, much more efficient than humans. “So? That’s a capitalist way of thinking. Profit shouldn’t drive reasoning or replace logic.”
Right, and logic says- droids sow. Humans reap.

This is the kind of smack Nari was getting by late 2105. Disgruntled with this, he suggested a stop to talk about such things. When people persisted, he demanded it. There would be no trading or concessions with the ‘Silver Nations.’  Emuran leaders listened to the masses, as they promised, and cut off trade to several prominent silver nations (aka, nations with droid workers fully or predominately).

Guess what the hell happened. Economies fell so fast, the crash could have killed the dinosaurs.  Trade became inevitable, and the Silver Nations, satisfied that the point had been somewhat peacefully made, offered a machine proletariat for the rest of the world. It would and wouldn’t be free- the countries would easily make back any cost.
But the luddites aren’t impressed. If anything, the ‘mechanical menace’  has only succeeded in bringing back the worst in humanity. Racial supremacist groups rise world wide, their primary objectives to ‘destroy the robot menace’ and ‘those involved in their creation.’ Luddites Socialists and Technocratic Socialists worked together in their mass revolution, but when it came down to what to do afterwards- such stuff rarely seems to matter beforehand- the Luddites were greatly angered when the ‘party rulers’ all suddenly seemed to Heel-Face Turn, wanting droid help to gloss over socialism’s failings. Droids superpowered capitalism, and they will easily do the same for socialism, as they could for anything.
But the Luddites didn’t want this.  It began in, where else, Russia, where a far-right Neo-Luddite Ultraorthodox movement exploded in popularity on the message of ‘Droids Are The Agents of The Devil’. It’s not just this message or that it’s luddite, but that it’s far right that shows the emerging political climate.
In 2108, the Left, particularly the Hard Left, dominates world human politics. Socialism is at its most powerful, most widespread than it ever has with socialist states on every continent- even outposts in Antarctica- and has land on the moon. By 2110, the Hard Left is in tatters over the question of sociotech, or social technology (the social impact of technology), issues, such as droids, transhumanism, cloning, people always ‘entranced’ (those perpetually inside VR sims), and such things. The far right are against such things. They are definitely against ‘equal rights for robots.’

I know the timeline says that Christianity will fade by 2100 to very low levels, but consider how humans will react to technology. I predict- and MM goes along with- that humans will fear new technology that surpasses them, especially after a revolution where you have a very large number of people who are poor and without transhumanistic developments, while hugely-powerful and advanced artilects and transhumans roam around. Fear is the order of the day. And the only thing making it worse?
The Dark One Known As Bæphomet
Christians around the world call on Him as being the Antichrist, indesputibly. Other religions agree, that this one is different. All throughout history we’ve haphazardly thrown around the label ‘antichrist’ to anyone we either don’t like, think is too powerful, or comes across as too popular during too stressful a time. But not this one- this being is the Antichrist in all regards. In the outside world, He’s not popular at all, except amongst Satanists and Anti-God proponents. But He’s powerful, and He wants total control. It doesn’t help that He is ‘the God of the Black Sun, with an eclipse to perpetually block the sun while His ‘solar trinity’ provides a false light to His people. And He has His own gospel. But the most important factor is- He’s a machine. He’s not human. He never was human.

But some don’t want to fear the droids.

In Utacame, people begin leaving. There are a variety of reasons- some just don’t like having just their needs met with no luxury, and they feel that droids offer true advancement.
The loss of workers means a loss of goods. A man, a very young man actually, was commenting on how their labor means nothing, that it’s not the late 1800s anymore and there’s a very obvious tool for wealth sitting right there, across the border in Switzerland (the Artisis). If they had droids at the Temple, all this work would be done in days. Harvest would take mere minutes, and building structures could be done in the same time as that, to far better efficiency with far better structures.
Nari kills him, he beats him to a pulp and causes massive brain hemorrhage. Other leaders are more brutal against ‘machinespeakers.’  When they see their leader is just a killer, coupled with the superefficiency of machines pwning their best efforts,  poor harvests, endless wants, and endless ‘democratic’ protests, nearly everyone left.
In 2107, there were about 5,000 people in the Utacame collectives under Nari and the Utacame soviet. By 2108, there are only 1,000, all die-hard communists. The droids convince them as well, and, by 2110, only 30 people remain, all at the Temple.

By November 2111, only 3 were there. Nari, Erikoh, and Jedaleo.
Socialism worked for a while. If the droids hadn’t been there, it might have worked a tad longer. But human nature got in the way.
Few people there wanted to turn to capitalism, but those who did weren’t offered anything- capitalism’s gone. Post-capitalism is its robot-ready replacement. You could always start a business or a corporation with humans- even become quite rich- but no where near as rich as if you have machine workers.  Very few countries still use the classical capitalist model, with almost all being localized- pretty much the only way it can work these days.

Nari returns, gun fully loaded, and blasts Meki in the chest (but aimed for her face) without hesitation. Jedaleo and Erikoh talk him out of firing again. Nari doesn’t know what’s going on here, but he’s not giving anything up to Meki. After the initial roughness, Nari breaks down and reveals his problems.
It’s also on that day that the egg opens, and Meki reveals to him what it is, what it’s holding, and what it’s for. They have to act quickly- there’s no doubt that the elites are on their way. In fact, the Artisis have just mentioned that “unmarked” men have been snooping around government housing institutions.
So it’s time. She lets Nari do the honors. Nari’s shocked! This crazy  bastard’s really going to do it.

Nari asks why- why is she doing this? There is no time to worry about it. They have to get this done before it’s too late- and judging by it, they may have only seconds. Meki opens a terminal, connects to the accounts of as many people as possible, and downloads. Actually, that’s wrong- she makes Nari do it. The reason? He’ll find out. Soon enough.

As she expected, agents hack into the terminaland try to redirect the money, but it’s already gone.  They don’t have the code to get access to all accounts- Meki just gave it to the Artisis. It turns out that the money hadn’t been with Meki for 10 years- she gave it to the Artisis in 2101.

Now it’s done. In one foul swoop, Meki just did something that seemed increasingly impossible- she leveled the playing field. For everyone.

Giving money was a dumb idea, obviously. Not everyone’s going to be responsible and governments and the greedy are going to try to get it. And it’s going to devalue the currency. So Terios made the plan to take the money and use it to develop goods and services and a solid machine proletariat directly for the poor. The problem was, Meki gave him the money, but Meki hadn’t given him the codes. He still developed the technology on credit, and when Meki gave him the codes, he was able to avert total financial crisis and pay off all the rapid advancements from the past decade- hence why it seemed like nothing had been improved. But with it paid off, he can begin the plan to lift up the planet.

Now governments lose power. This dollar in my hand isn’t wealth, just money= it’s the goods, products, services, that’s wealth.  If the people as a whole are rich, then citizens groups can wield considerable power. The elite will fall- with the common man powered with their own droids to work for themselves and the common man getting transhumanics at the same level as the rich, the elite lose. And of course, we see the fall of Bæphomet. He needed a massive lower class to be dependent on Him. The poor are sheep to be easily herded by anyone who offers a better life and a better way, and He is that better way. At least, He WAS the better way, until Meki decided to play Ms. Goody-Goody Slob-Whore and give the poor the power they were never meant to have.

It makes the NWO and Bæphomet sick to know that the poor now are independent of them. And it’s all because of Meki.

What about Nari? He was the one who pressed the button, right?

Why did Meki make him press the button if the masters of the world were still going to come for Meki? Simple- he’s the one who should gain that privilege.

He represents the angry workin’ poor- who better than him to press the button and lift the masses out of darkness? Meki’s certain she’s done for, remember? The aliens are coming.  So it doesn’t matter what happens to her, what fame or infamy she gets, because it will all be rectified in the end. The ends justify the means in this case.

And that is the story of Mother Meki!

At least, it should have been where it ended.

But no, it goes on. Life goes on and so does this. Nari is shocked by Meki’s actions, how sheerly selfless it was to do this. It isn’t easy to give away 3/4 quadrillion dollars, but Meki didn’t mind. “If only my parents could see this.”

Meki asks, what happened to them. They died? The truth, Nari says, is that they were sent to one of *her* government’s concentration camps. That’s where they must’ve died. They estimate between 2084- when they entered- and 2087, when there was a famine.

But Meki’s still shcked- didn’t she free that camp? Take it, it was 2098, but two names that were on the list of those freed were the same as those of Nari’s parents. And they had 14 children, with one of them being named ‘Narello.’ They were liberated and sent to Birmingham, England, to a refugee flat.  But Nari’s still trying to comprehend her words- his parents are still alive?

As his his sister, whom he also presumed dead- shot in front of his eyes and carted away. She was used as research in neural control in the 20080s, but remained alive up until the Regulatoror fell.  She was given a droid body and sent off in 2101. Again, because of Meki, although indirectly this time.

Where she is, she doesn’t know, but Meki guess es that, with a lttle searching, she would be found in no time.

Why. Why did she do this? Because Meki didn’t like oppression? Obviously? Now it’s over. And now it’s really over.

To be honest, it was over for a decade.

So now Meki awaits her fate at the hands of the cosmic ones. They should come in 2112. That’s about 2 months away.

Nari’s totally confused right now. In just 30 minutes, his opinion of this womanwent from one of a great loathing, distrust, and disdain, to one of wonder, respect, and… Friendship.  They say actions speak louder than words, Meki didn’t have too many words, but she has a whole lot of actions behind her!

So what else did Meki do? Well, she was the Supplier, was behind the Ides of August shooting, and gave military secrets to the rebels.

Damn! And then Erikoh hands to him Meki’s diary that he had stolen 10 years prior, finding in it all sorts of ‘interesting’ material including one line, ‘I’ll take a molotov over a tiara any day.’ This had become one of Erikoh’s favorite sayings, and Nari thought he had coined it. Why did they hide the diary from him? When it could have repaired Meki’s image.  Well when Nari was still high on pride, and blinded by Marx and Viyeta, Erikoh didn’t think he’d look twice at Meki’s “true self.” And he also thought Meki was dead. After hearing she was sent to Siberia in 2106, especially to a Viyetist cell, he figured Meki wouldn’t last a month. She was probably already dead.

But Meki says that she won’t be too popular. Dultsy-Ka and Sex already told her years ago that the Powers That Be and the Power That Will Be- the NWO and Bæphomet- will also attempt to destroy her for her actions.


But right now, they have to focus more on moving on. Things have just changed across the whole planet.

In 2109, the Left was still powerful. In 2110, the Right made huge advances. And in 2111, it seemed as if the world was coming apart over the Droid Question and sociotech issues. The global wealth for billions was still low.  Then came the whole ‘Redistribution of (Meki’s) Wealth’, over half of a quadrillion dollars sent out to the poorest up and gradually up to a certain level. That threw everything into chaos.

Nari has one question- he notices that he, Erikoh, and Jedaleo received their massive cut of money, but Meki’s account is totally empty. Why?
Meki decided to maximize the amount the world’s people would get, so she minimized her own down to nothing. On top of that, she planned to die in 2112. (She planned to die before then, actually, but figured that if she were to live, 2112 would be it) Why waste money on herself?
They don’t exactly understand why Meki is so deluded about this. Aliens aren’t coming! And damn, it doesn’t sound fair that Meki gave every cent she had to the poor- to the world- and then left nothing for herself.
Yeah, suddenly Nari’s gotten a ‘justice streak’ for Meki.  Save his family, help the revolution, give your life and money for the poor, prove you’re purposely mentally debilitated, and suddenly you have his respect and admiration no matter how much he  may have once hated you.

But right when you think Nari and his group were about to pay Meki back for her good deeds, the government suddenly arrests Meki on flimsy charges. She’s very soon released, but with several implants and collars.
It’s now that they learn that the government has just ruled Meki’s rights ‘suspended’ while a myriad of negative liberties are passed, affecting Meki and Meki only. Is it the NWO? And what about the two alleged Bæphomet agents just elected to parliament? It seems odd that you have oppressive laws against one person, and the people pushing forth these laws are the same people who were directly impacted by said person.

Meki goes on with life, with the others- although she’s only allowed to eat a bowl of grey gruel a day and the police randomly raid her room at the Temple often. This goes on uninterrupted until late 2112, when Meki becomes discouraged that the aliens haven’t arrived. Meanwhile, she and Jedaleo have helped Nari reconnect with Mydella, who still distrusts him.
But Mydella does return, just to argue with Nari. Meki watches on, not exactly sure what’s going on. And there comes Karcu- whom Mydella has… ‘befriended’- who again rapes Meki so fast, no one could even stop him.
Rewind, friend! – he doesn’t rape Meki. He tries to, but discovers that her sexual organs have been closed off and mutilated. Nari admits that they did part of it, and Meki mentions that soldiers in Siberia did the rest. So she is literally ‘Unfuckable.’ If you try to, you’d just hurt yourself and probably break something quite important.

Meki remains stuck under the elite’s thumb until 2122. The reason why she doesn’t go to the Artisis or stands up for herself is because the vengeful elite (acting through the socialist government) indoctrinate her to believe that, because she was once ruling class and upper class, she is not equal to ‘the people’ and does not deserve the same rights, and that standing up for herself is not the same as an ‘oppressed person’ standing up for themselves, and is in fact inherently wrong wrong and unjust. Doing so would result in execution.
Bæphomet doesn’t want this, for her to be executed- He wants her to suffer endlessly- but He’s reassured that it’s nothing more than psychological warfare. And against a person with so many mental problems and scars, it will be very, very easy to keep her in line.

But Terios was wise to their ploy all along. He didn’t act because it was beyond him to- and besides, the last thing they need is a war with Bæphomet.

And this is where I’ll leave off today.





I’m not done by a long, long shot, so I’ll pick up another day, but tell me what you think so far.


*Pant* *Pant* We need spoilers…


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