Mother Meki

As I stand meekly up to the microphone, I say unto you: a new novel trilogy/tetralogy this way comes! Chances are, it’ll be bad since I have barely read a single thing in years.

Not true, I actually read full Harry Potter books within single days. But there’s little chance of it ever seeing the light of day in its current condition. Who knows when the world will weep at the awfulness that is Mother Meki?
Expect more on the novel series in the coming days when I bother to update, which I probably won’t. But when I do, expect some sort of,

  • News of progress
  • Vignette of the story
  • Synopsis/summary
  • Concepts

Now depart from me, stranger, for I never knew thee.

~LaSelaMelvins, forever stuck with funeral doom metal



EDIT: “As I stand meekfully” demmit. Or better yet, “As I stand up to the microphone with trembling lips.” Gotta learn, mang, gotta learn.


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